Best Places to Visit in Vermont (United States)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Vermont? Are you thinking of a trip to the South and wondering what to explore in Vermont? We’ve got you covered.

Vermont is a mixture of reality and myth and home to a mythology that other states can only envy. Mention the name, and images emerge of meadows with sunlit cows in black and white, stunning snow-covered ski tracks, neat hillside farms, burning the red trees of maple on an old stone wall, covered bridges, and buckets that collect sap to make maple syrup.

These idyllic landscapes still are in existence, but less appealing polyethylene tubing is replacing the majority of the buckets, and a lot of the farms might be trendy B&Bs.

Another Vermont is located alongside the idyllic one, as shown by the lively Burlington and outlet malls in Manchester and Killington’s raucous nightlife, and Brattleboro’s unique blend of gritty, blue-collar, and hippie ’70s grew up. Even the mainstay of the state’s agriculture has been given a fresh face. Many cheese makers from the artisanal sector transform the dairy industry in Vermont, and visitors eagerly take their way along the Vermont Cheese Trail to taste the cheeses.

Other trails lead to classic tourist attractions like maple farms boiling sap, welcoming visitors each year in March, and covered bridges, seven in the town of the extreme northern part of Montgomery on its own. It’s a great place to visit both Vermont.

Please find out the best activities to enjoy in Vermont with our top list of tourist attractions and destinations in Vermont.

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Church Street Marketplace

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Church Street Marketplace is one of the best places to visit in Vermont. In the center of the city of Burlington, Church Street is only four blocks in length. However, it is a vast free, pedestrian-free zone for events of all kinds and a bustling street scene even during cold Vermont’s winters.

Along with the many festivals planned throughout the year, Church Street is also a spot for benches, sidewalk cafes, and public art, and the buildings that flank are filled with restaurants, shops, and boutiques. In the summertime, when everyone is out in the open, it’s got the appearance of the feel of an Italian piazza.

An artwork, Everybody Loves a Parade! by Canadian muralist Pierre Hardy decorates a wall as well as other artifacts, including the life-sized figure of the local musician and a fountain for fish made from metal. No wonder it was named one of the Great Public Spaces in America. It’s also classified as a National Register Historic District.

It is possible to stay close to the action, just one block away from Hotel Vermont. Hotel Vermont. The trendy, modern hotel is a part of the local community and has beautiful perspectives from Lake Champlain from its upper-floor guest rooms.

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Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the president, went to Manchester along with his mother just before the assassination of his father. Following his appointment as the president of Pullman Company in the latter part of the 20th century, his return to the city was to construct his own Georgian Revival Hildene as his country estate.

Hildene is a beautiful model of a home built as a retreat for wealthy magnates’ families and is constructed with various items belonging to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln’s home. Personal belongings belonging to president Lincoln include his iconic stovepipe and hat.

The other highlights include the millennium-pipe 1908 Aeolian organ in good working condition and the exquisite dining room, which is furnished in Queen Anne style. The house remained in the Lincoln family until 1975, which means it could preserve the original furniture and other memorabilia. The formal gardens situated on the terrace that overlooks the expansive valley have been reconstructed from the original records of the gardens.

There is a possibility of staying in one of these beautiful mansions constructed in Manchester by wealthy industrialists. The Inn at Ormsby Hill, near Hildene, is now a luxurious bed-and-breakfast.

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Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

OK. Admit it. You enjoy ice cream, especially when it’s made with Ben or Jerry. Burlington might be famous for many different things but is probably most well-known as the source of this delicious Ice cream. The town is situated near the shores of Lake Champlain, so plenty of water-based activities help burn off those calories.

The four-block pedestrian mall called Church Street Marketplace hosts several festivals. They range from music to celebrating beer and gigantic pumpkins. The market also hosts one of Vermont’s biggest year-round farmers’ markets.

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Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Stowe is a place that keeps visitors entertained all year round. There are skiing and snow activities during winter and festivals, such as one with balloons and art exhibits in the summertime. One of the most popular is the September British Invasion when fields are filled with all kinds and models of British automobiles.

Stowe is a must-see destination for anyone who is an avid Sound of Music fan. It’s the place where it was that the von Trapp family settled and operated a ski lodge following they left Austria at the end of World War II. The meadow at the club was used as a location for The Vermont Mozart Festival. There is also the option to hike or mountain bike along nearby trails.

Vermont’s Year-Round Ski Resorts

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Vermont’s Year-Round Ski Resorts is one of the best places to visit in Vermont. From the summit of Mount Snow in the south up to Jay Peak in the north, skiing runs the distance of Vermont.

A few of the best ski resorts in eastern Vermont are in Vermont, and the state’s more than two dozen ski resorts offer downhill skiing for all ages, from kids and beginners to advanced training to compete in the Olympics. Modern grooming and snowmaking keep ski trails and slopes in good condition throughout December and March.

It’s not the only time to enjoy the ski resorts in Vermont. The more popular ones have an array of activities available on the mountain throughout the year, including mountain slides, rope courses, mountain biking, and scenic trips in the lifts that take skiers up to the tops of the mountains in the winter months. Resorts near the base include spas, pools, Segway excursions, golf, and numerous activities for everyone of all ages.

Okemo Mountain Resort includes an adventure park called the Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster; Spa; mountain bike park, scenic chairlift rides, disc golf, miniature golf, and The Haulback Challenge Course, an aerial tour through the trees. Killington Ski Resort includes The Beast Mountain Coaster, a ropes course, and an adventure Center.

Stowe Mountain Resort transports guests to the top of the mountain on the sole gondola lift in the state or climbs to the top of Mt. Mansfield via Toll Road. Stratton Mountain is a mountain biking park and a championship 27-hole golf course.

Lake Champlain

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Nestled at the border between Vermont, New York State, and Canada, Lake Champlain is a stunning place to explore. It covers more than 100 miles and is one of the top spots in Vermont to visit if you enjoy the outdoors. With many species that call this area home, this spot is ideal for observing local wildlife.

It’s also the perfect place to paddleboard or kayak on the lake. I prefer to rent equipment rather than lugging an individual paddleboard around the state. Suppose you’re like me, then make an appointment with the team on Paddle Surf Champlain (at Oakledge Park, Burlington).

They offer daily or hourly rentals that are great for those who want to experience. If you’re brand new to paddling, offer several individuals or small group classes to help you get started.

To find easy trails that are accessible and easily accessible, go toward the northwest to Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge. They have numerous loop trails (most suitable for the whole family) which will take you around the region. It’s possible to spot their resident beaver.

If you’re looking for an afternoon at the beach, visit Alburg Dunes, State Park. You can also camp in the campground nearby during the more pleasant summer months.

In the final instance, if you’re traveling south from Burlington, Be sure to make a deviation to go to Vergennes Falls Park. There, you’ll get to witness the historical falls and see the ospreys who nest in the park.

Quechee State Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Glaciers were created thousands of years ago; glaciers carved the Quechee Gorge, which is still drenched due to the continuous flow of water from the Ottauquechee River. Although I’m not a geologist, I loved visiting here.

The best part is that you can look down the gorge from the air. There’s an elevated walkway that connects Route 4 with the bridge. Route 4 passes over the canyon. You can also take the trails beneath and look at the lower section of Quechee Gorge at the water level.

If you’re interested in wildlife, then you should visit VINS. Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences (VINS), situated on Route 4, also sees how injured or sick wildlife is treated and released into the wilderness.

If it’s a pleasant day without wind, you can reserve an air balloon flight with Quechee Balloon Tours. They’re situated in Quechee Green Park. It is recommended to book ahead and be ready for cancellations in case the weather changes.

Visit Maple Farm

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Visit Maple Farm is one of the best places to visit in Vermont. These maples that provide an explosion of color to Vermont’s autumn landscape make Vermont the most prolific producer in the United States in maple syrup.

The best time to visit to experience the whole maple experience is in the latter part of February to early April, when the sugar houses are in full boil. You can also taste the golden syrup while it’s being made.

This is the time to have “sugaring off” parties and the chewy confections made by pouring syrup over snow. Many farms let visitors enter the grove, also known as”a sugar bush” – with a sled pulled by horses or a wagon, and others serve hot cider and freshly-made doughnuts.

Two farms can visit at any time during the season to better understand the process and to sample syrup and other products from the maple family. Morse Farm Maple Sugar works, located in Montpelier, is an 8th-generation family-owned maple syrup plant that allows you to sample maple products and view demonstrations of tapping trees and making syrup.

The gift shop offers an assortment of maple-related items and other Vermont-made items. Additionally, it has an outdoor Vermont farm-life museum as well.

In Sugarbush Farm in Woodstock, there is the opportunity to sample two of the most famous Vermont products, such as maple syrup and cheese. Both are made at 3 4-generation farms. And if cheese-making happens at the dairy, it’s possible to watch.

The shop also sells various samples of mustards, jams, smoking meats, and other local delights. The hilltop location offers stunning views.

Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

It oozes the charm and awe of an old-fashioned Victorian museum. Still, without the smell, The museum, financed by the proprietor of Fairbanks Scales, covers subjects from Vermont wildflowers to the mystery of the universe.

The building of 1891, included in the National Register of Historic Places, has numerous things you’d expect to see – mounted animals and birds, Native American stone tools, Civil War memorabilia – along with many fascinating surprises.

For instance, the strange selection of Victorian portraits of Washington, Lincoln, and others was made entirely from beetles and bugs.

Vermonters enjoy visiting The live-streaming studio to watch their most cherished weather forecast, Eye on the Sky. Downstairs is a hands-on natural center with wasp hives, Iguanas and frogs, and other creepy toys that kids enjoy. Planetarium programs explore the sky over St. Johnsbury and beyond.

The other side of the street is adjacent to the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, whose Art Gallery was opened in 1873, which makes it the longest-running museum of art in the United States, still in its original design. The collection includes American in addition to European artists in the 18th century from the end until the mid-19th century.

These and other exceptional instances of Victorian architectural style along Main St. are described in walking off the street accessible at the museum.

Rock of Ages Quarry and Hope Cemetery

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Vermont, Travel to Vermont, USA, Visit Vermont

Rock of Ages Quarry and Hope Cemetery is one of the best places to visit in Vermont. Granite quarries were established in Barre following the War of 1812 and are still operating today.

It is possible to visit Barre’s Rock of Ages quarry, an enormous excavation in the earth with 550 feet of width, one-quarter mile long, and 450 feet deep. It is the largest quarry in the world.

Barre granite’s extremely smooth grain is the most popular stone for intricate robust outdoor sculptures, including architecture and monuments. While there, as well as exploring the quarry and workshop, you can sandblast your granite relic and even bowl on what is thought to be the world’s first outdoor granite bowling lane.

Barre attracted skilled stoneworkers and carvers, many of whom came from Italy, and as you’d imagine, you’ll discover their sculptures in public spaces and within Hope Cemetery.

The cemetery is full of intricate sculptures created by early 20th-century stonecutters, with some stunningly realistic sculptures, images of work or favorite pastimes like a soccer ball or an oil truck, and an outdoor scene featuring fishing rods.


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