Best Places to Visit in Virginia (United States)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Virginia? Are you thinking of a trip to the South and wondering what to explore in Virginia? We’ve got you covered.

“Virginia is for lovers” is a well-known slogan you’ll probably see when exploring this Mid-Atlantic country. However, you don’t have to travel with your love to enjoy an unforgettable time here; however, there are many luxurious spa resorts in case you are.

Virginia is also rich in fascinating stories, such as those early settlements like Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. Even without a history lover, Virginia’s scenery is stunning, from forests and mountains to beaches that link charming towns and wineries to interesting tourist attractions along the road.

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Many people see only tiny glimpses of Virginia while visiting Washington, D.C., but there are many more parts of this great state to explore and see. If you’re making plans for an East Coast road trip or simply an excursion across Virginia, these are the top destinations to explore in Virginia.

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Mount Vernon

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

Mount Vernon is one of the best places to visit in Virginia. Mount Vernon, the plantation home to George Washington, the first president of the United States, is in the northeastern part of Virginia in the northeast of Virginia. Because of its proximity to Washington, DC, and its significant historical significance, the town draws millions of tourists each year.

In a beautiful location with a view of an enchanting view of the Potomac River, the expansive estate was the residence of Washington from 1754 until the time he passed away in 1799.

The gardens and outbuildings are fun to explore and include demonstrations of how the plantation operated. The most impressive is the mansion in the center, built and decorated by the legendary man himself.

With stunning furnishings, family portraits, antique pieces, and more than twenty rooms. Visitors be able to learn more about the life of this influential figure.

There is more to know about his life and accomplishments in the museum and education center, as well as pay tribute to the poignant George Washington and Martha Washington Memorial.

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The Natural Bridge of Virginia

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

The Natural Bridge of Virginia is a massive limestone arch carved throughout several millennia due to the flow through Cedar Creek.

An absolute wonder to see. It’s among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the state. Its natural setting adds more significance as a unique wonder of the universe and is the most significant natural bridge, 215 feet long.

It was in 1750 that George Washington came to the spot and took a look at his youth. He also made his initials on the stone.

In 1774 Thomas Jefferson purchased an extensive amount of property that comprised the Natural Bridge from King George III.

However, before American colonists stepped foot on the bridge, it was revered by the Moroccans, the tribe who lived in the vicinity. In the present, however, it is 2016. The Natural Bridge is its own State Park.

On certain nights on certain nights, at certain times, Natural Bridge of Virginia has an illumination show called The Drama of Creation. It began in 1920 and is the nation’s longest-running light show.

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Virginia Beach

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

Does it count as a trip to Virginia even if you do not go to Virginia Beach? Three different beaches span 14 miles of surf, sand, and boardwalks. You can relax in more quiet zones or feel the midst of the chaos.

Even if you’re not a sandy lover, the boardwalk provides ample space to have fun by cycling, skating, walking around, and discovering places to shop, statues, and eateries to try out. Of course, although we usually refer to the beach region, Virginia Beach is about more than that.

It’s a resort town on the coast and has many exciting things to do, such as boat tours, amusement rides, water sports golfing facilities, and nightlife. So, even though going to the beach is one of the most enjoyable activities in Virginia, make sure to explore the other city attractions when you’re there!

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Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center are among the most effective ways to travel around the globe without leaving Virginia!

More than 700 species of animals reside in this colossal facility, including over 12,000 individual animals of all types living in various habitats. There are also 800,000 gallons worth of exhibits!

One of the most visited exhibits in the area includes The Bay and Ocean Pavilion, which displays the state’s water bodies and their travels through them.

Other top attractions include other popular attractions include the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium (which has numerous animals that are native to the region) as well as the Chesapeake Light Tower Aquarium, the Marsh Pavilion, the Red Sea, and others. Flores Island (of Indonesia), the Restless Planet, the Peat Swamp (of Malaysia), and many more.

A visit to this location is among the best activities you can do in Virginia, especially with your family.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best places to visit in Virginia. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts The VFMA, also known as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, is one of the top places to go to in Virginia due to its generally recognized quality and its status as one of the most renowned museums in the state.

Before the state even opened its doors, at the beginning of the 1800s, the government received numerous gifts related to art, including those from famous donors such as judge John Barton Payne.

The works were made viewable to the general public after the VFMA was opened in 1936.

A massive building at the outset and is adored by its visitors for its collection of famous artworks by great artists like Picasso and a variety of art from all over the globe. The museum was expanded in the year 2010.

A major expansion project has pushed into the VFMA to 545,000 sq. ft. There are collections of various genres in the galleries, like American art, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco from Lewis.

It is also possible to visit The Sculpture Garden of Lora Robins or the Library of Margaret R. and Robert M. Freeman.

If you’re looking for an interruption, you could take a break and eat at one of two dining establishments at the VFMA or relax in the space outside.

Luray Caverns

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

The Luray Caverns are among the most beautiful spots in Virginia. They were first discovered by four people of Luray in 1878. They have become the most extensive cave system of commercial varieties across America.

Luray Caverns is a National Natural Landmark located beneath 164 feet, boasting massive dimensions and beautiful features which make it one of the top places to visit during your trip to the state.

Luray Caverns Luray Caverns are packed with natural wonders like draperies, flowstone crystals, stalactites, and mirror pools. In addition, the entire area has a 54-degree Fahrenheit temperature throughout the year.

However, when it comes to what you can explore in Luray Caverns, there’s something particular that you must not ignore The Great Stalacpipe Organ, the largest musical instrument in the world. A lithophone is made of stone.

It is played when hit and creates a sound similar to the sound of the xylophone. If you choose to tour the cave system’s vastness, you’ll likely be walking between 45 to 60 minutes during the length of the 1.5-mile trek.

One of the places to visit includes one of the stops is Great Cavern, which is large enough that it has even hosted weddings. Undoubtedly, it’s among the most popular places to visit in Virginia!

Jamestown and Yorktown

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

Colonial National Historical Park includes Jamestown and Yorktown in the region, which is where it was that the Revolution ended. Jamestown was the first British settlement on North American soil, established in 1607 by Captain John Smith.

The foundations of the Church tower, churchyard, and the outline of other structures remain from the settlement that was initially built. Still, there is a recreation of the Powhatan town made on drawings from the present and archaeological discoveries, as well as replicas of the three vessels that carried settlements to England: Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.

Jamestown Settlement was built in 1957 in celebration of the 350th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. The museum and galleries focus on the British colonization throughout the New World, the history and tradition of the Powhatans, and Jamestown’s early 100 years.

A statue depicting Pocahontas was created by William Ordway Partridge and erected in 1922 to commemorate her contribution to easing relations between Native Americans and settlers. A statue depicting John Smith by William Couper was first erected in 1909.

The triangular James Fort can be described as a recreation of the fort built by the colonists. It is a structure made of thatch-roofed designs that represent Jamestown’s earliest structures. While no of the original systems are today, the foundations are standing and can be seen in a half-mile stroll across the New Towne in the Colonial National Historical Park.

The battle was at Yorktown Battlefield, and the English Army under the leadership of Lord Cornwallis was surrendered by the united American and French Armies, opening an opening towards American Independence. The battlefield battles are well-documented and easy to comprehend through dioramas and interpretive displays. Park Ranges also guide frequent tours, and visitors can observe the early 18th century Moore House in which Cornwallis surrendered.

Nelson House, with a cannonball, stuck in the wall close to the window on the upper side. It has been well-restored and is an outstanding illustration of Georgian architecture. Grace Episcopal Church was built in 1697, despite the destruction of war in the battles of Yorktown between 1781-1862 and the fire that ravaged the church in 1814. Silver for communion dating to 1649 remains in use.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is one of the best places to visit in Virginia. The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is an extension of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., and houses hundreds of aircraft and artifacts that awe guests. One of the most striking of them is the Space Shuttle Discovery, the centerpiece of the exhibits on space science.

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In two huge hangars, the main hangar is home to a large assortment of aircraft that reflect all aspects of aviation, starting from the beginning of the flight, to the latest commercial aircraft, including the Concorde that is on display.

Other aircraft include the U.S. and foreign military vehicles from WWII, military crafts and technologies during the Korean and Vietnam wars, the cold war, and modern military equipment. The museum also functions as an operational restoration center, and visitors can watch the employees from a mezzanine as they restore and conserve more items and crafts.

The center also features a range of interactive exhibits and demonstrations, such as the unique Discovery Stations, which are mobile exhibits that are staffed by staff who are available to answer any questions and engage youngsters. IMAX theater plays various films on aviation, space exploration, history, and nature.

Aviators aspiring and novices who like to fly with an online flight simulator and those looking to experience a thrilling adventure are likely to take a ride on the motion capsule ride simulator with various theme compelling experiences.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is among the most beautiful Virginia tourist attractions you can locate. It’s open throughout the year and displays many gardens themed to different themes, with other areas that delight all ages.

Whatever you decide to visit Virginia with, there are bound to be things to do. An indoor exhibit inside the Barker Hall Visitor Center includes painting, art, and photography exhibits that change through the year.

Outside gardens can be explored on foot, and you can also join cycling tours in the evening, and there are many benches available for you to relax. If you’re not keen to walk, you can use a tram or take the boat to Lake Whitehurst.

There are different gardens, including The rose garden, the butterfly garden, a desert zone and the Annette Kagan Healing Garden, the kids’ garden, and the Japanese garden that spreads across 12 miles of walking area. There’s also a picnic area and vending machines selling snacks.

The Mariner’s Museum and Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Virginia, Travel to Virginia, USA, Visit Virginia

The Mariner’s Museum and Park is one of the best places to visit in Virginia. The Mariner’s Museum and Park is a stunning maritime museum with something for everyone.

From stunning parks for strolling to the most extensive library with nautical themes in the western hemisphere, there’s something for everyone which makes a trip to Virginia one of the top and most enjoyable things you can take part in when visiting Virginia.

The Mariner’s Museum and Park opened its doors in the 1930s after being founded in the 1930s by Homer L. Ferguson and Archer Milton Huntington.

It contains artifacts that lead you on a journey through the European exploration period right into the activities of The US Navy.

Over 32,000 items and 210 artifacts, along with 1.75 million documents and other materials, are on display in the museum.

The most famous places within this Virginia museum include The USS Monitor Center, which exhibits the world’s largest preservation facility for marine archeological metals in the Batten Conservation Complex.

Additionally, there’s the Explorers Theater which offers the chance to view 3D films in HD that depict the ocean and underwater world. Stop at the International Small Craft Center to see the watercraft collection.


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