Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo (Mexico)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo? Are you thinking of a trip to North America and wondering what to explore in Hidalgo? We’ve got you covered. Hidalgo is starting to get tourist attractions that are a part of adventure tourism, which includes options such as hiking through natural areas, mountain cycling, sport fishing, zip lines, rappelling, and rock climbing to the thermal treatments offered in the spas, or ecotourism, a concept that is yet being developed in Mexico and is now made a reality.

In addition, the mining history of the area is an exciting way to highlight the past farms that existed during a time of great prosperity and are now being reborn as a museum with interactive exhibits to discover the latest historical background of Hidalgo.

Food-wise, Hidalgo offers delicious options. The most memorable are the famed pastes, empanadas, and empanadas stuffed with leek and potato (from an English pasty), which were the most popular meal for English miners.

They were so well-known that there was even an exhibit. Mining enchiladas and the barbecue of mutton that is cooked in an earthen oven, wrapped in maguey leaves, is one of the meals we must try while visiting Hidalgo.

El Chico National Park

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El Chico National Park is one of the best places to visit in Hidalgo. Get rid of the desert and step into the lush landscape in one of Mexico’s most ancient nature reserves. It is home to old conifers, a cool climate, and breathtaking views.

In the highlands, which are located above the historic mining city of Pachuca, El Chico National Park (El Parque Nacional El Chico) is a vast, lush park and mountain reserve that forms a location in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt.

Explore the emerald ocean of conifers. See waterfalls and rivers, climb to panoramic overlooks at the top of cliffs, sleep under the stars, and watch for the endemic Mexican wildlife. Bluffs, rocky spires, and craggy peaks compose what is known as Sierra Pachuca, an excellent place for rock climbers and abseilers.

Participate in a guided tour from Pachuca and Mineral del Chico or pick an excellent map and rent a vehicle and camping equipment to explore the area on your own. Begin at the Visitor Center with an exhibit area with multimedia presentations and a cafeteria. Discover how El Chico National Park is one of the oldest parks in Mexico.

El Cedral, a basin of the Panuco River, is ideal for camping and fishing. Look at the waterfalls that flow from the Rio el Milagro (Miracle River) and glance upwards to see eagles and falcons that fly high above the trees. Raccoons, deer, coyotes, and armadillos are also in the park.

Take a drive to the viewpoint at Pena del Cuervo, 246 feet (75 meters) above the valley’s floor. Then, hike just a few steps from the parking area to the cliff’s summit to enjoy panoramic views. When you leave on your way out, you will see another fantastic natural wonder called the Las Ventanas (The Windows).

The peaks on the crag rise 10,000 feet (almost 3000m) over sea levels. The mountains are only accessible only with permission. Nearby, walk on the cobblestoned roads that make up Mineral del Chico, with its vibrant homes.

You can attend Easter Sunday’s Rain of Flowers ceremony in the Church of Immaculate Conception on Easter Sunday. On the 8th of December, “El Chico” celebrates La Fiesta of the Purisima Concepcion and features procession parades, dancing, fireworks, and dance shows. El Chico National Park is 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Pachuca. It is a three-hour drive north of Mexico City. Bring your all-weather gear and adapt to the altitude first.

Tolantongo Caves

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

Tolantongo is an undeveloped box canyon and resort 17 kilometers away from Ixmiquilpan, located on Route 27 in the Mezquital Valley in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

It’s about 1.5 hours north of Pachuca and 198 km, or three to four hours northwest of Mexico City. The nearest town is near the hotel El Cardinal and is part of the Cardinal Municipality.

Monumental Clock of Pachuca

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

The symbol for the town and Mexican independence A symbol of Mexican independence, this neoclassical clock tower serves as the symbol in Independence Square in Pachuca’s Centro Historico. The Monumental Clock of Pachuca (Pachuca de Soto’s Reloj Monumental) is the central point for the main Independence Square (La Plaza Independencia).

The clock’s four faces point directly north, east, south, and west, which means it’s an excellent base for exploring the city of Pachuca. First, please look at the beautiful stone tower with its copper dome. Next, listen to the carillon and visit the modern cultural center beneath.

The tower is 131 feet (40 meters) tall and was completed in 1910. It was conceived and funded by Cornish miners who wanted it to be an event tower. It never happened because its balcony doors were too high, making the musicians inaccessible to the people below. Instead, the town’s “Banda de Rurales” (Rural Orchestra) was based in a custom-designed kiosk beneath the tower.

Explore the tower and observe its four clock faces with eagles adorning them. Be aware of the other common neoclassical elements, like the marble statues of Liberty, Independence, Constitution, and Reform on either one of its sides. These were important events from the War of Independence in 1810 through the law’s reforms in 1859.

The third floor of the tower houses an Austrian-designed carillon. It has the exact mechanism as London’s famed Big Ben, which chimes every 15 minutes. Return just before 6 p.m. to hear the bells playing the Mexican National Anthem.

As of 2015, the square’s main stage was replaced with El Centro Cultural El Reloj. Explore this modern cultural center, which has an outdoor setting for performances, an underground learning center for children, and an art gallery and exhibition space. After browsing, you can visit the bookshop, gift shop, and restaurant that has a wine bar.

It’s worth visiting Independence Square at the end of the day to view the monument illuminated like an illuminating beacon in the dark sky. Its Monumental Clock is easy to access via public transportation or a taxi. Parking is not available within the square; however, the streets are more spacious. Admission to the Cultural Center is free, but you might have to pay for some exhibits.

Tuzoofari Zoo

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

See exotic animals of every kind in recreations of their natural surroundings on the self-drive tour or with a guide from the wildlife park. Spend a relaxing day with your loved ones, getting close to the creatures in the wilderness in the Tuzoofari Zoo. Discover large cats, species of jungle reptiles, exotic reptiles, and exotic, multicolored birds, as well as other animals.

Visit a pet farm and take part in feeding demonstrations. Tuzoofari Zoo covers an area of 150 acres (60 hectares) set against an imposing mountain scenery. In the park are around 1,000 animals, which represent more than 200 species. Cheetahs, lions, tigers, water buffalo, giraffes, and zebras exist.

See hippos swim in a waterhole, and alpacas and llamas wander freely on the property. Also, observe the unique Arctic foxes, servals, and sugar gliders, which are nighttime Possums. Discover a variety of reptiles and amphibians at the herbarium. Pose for photos with a snake tucked in your hair.

Toucans, peacocks, and parrots give vivid colors to the bird sanctuary. Be on the lookout for antelope, camels, kangaroos, primates, and kangaroos. Let your kids feed goats, cows, and pigs at the farm petting.

A dirt trail winds around the Zoo and puts close to the animals. You can explore the area in your vehicle or join an organized tour in an open jeep. Find the designated zones that permit you to feed domestic animals. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the park from an aerial zip line. Kids can ride with the guided rides on a pony.

The Zoo is situated on the outskirts of Epazoyucan, a town. Epazoyucan The Zoo is located approximately 16 miles (26 kilometers) east of Pachuca. The fastest method to reach it is via taxi or rental automobile. Epazoyucan is also the home of the Temple and the Ex-Convent San Andres, built by Augustinian monks in the 16th century.

Tuzoofari Zoo opens every day and is free to enter. Buy souvenirs and other merchandise from the on-site store. Food to feed the animals is available at the entry point. Visit the official website of the Zoo for more details.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

Tula is one of the best places to visit in Hidalgo. Tula de Allende is a town that is one of the 84 municipalities in Hidalgo, located in the central region of Mexico. The municipality covers 305.8 km2; as of 2010, the city had an overall number of 103,919. In addition, it is home to various smaller outlying towns, the biggest of which comprise El Llano, San Marcos, and San Miguel Video.

This is an important regional economic activity center and one of Mexico’s fastest-growing cities. However, it is best recognized as the location of the Tula archeological park, noted by the presence of Atlantean figures. The area built up from Atotonilco de Tula, Atitalaquia, and Tlaxcoapan municipalities were home to 188,659 people at the time of the 2010 census.

Prismas Basalticos Waterfall

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

Relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery as the water flows through the dam and then over an array of ethereal volcanic rock formations adorn Santa Maria Regla Canyon. See the absolute beauty of Mother Nature at Prismas Basalticos (Basaltic Prisms) Waterfall.

This stunning landmark is decorated with geometric basalt columns formed over thousands of years by the cooling of volcanic lava. Admire the way that water cascades gracefully over the columns that range from the height of 98 feet (30 meters) to the height of 164 feet (50 meters) in size. Prismas Basalticos Waterfall is one of the natural wonders 13 of Mexico.

After his first journeys in Mexico, The Prussian Explorer Baron Alexander von Humboldt became one of the first to push for waterfalls and rock patterns. The impressive polygonal forms of the landmark have been compared to California’s Devil’s Pile and Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway.

A collection of suspended bridges, decks for observation steps, and pathways offer a stunning view of the waterfall. You can see the columns from the top and bottom. You can visit areas that permit visitors to sit on columns and walk on stones buried below the cascade. See the rainbows created when the sun’s rays reflect on the water.

Enjoy the adventurous activities available in the area, like the thrilling zip-line course. Take a horseback ride through the beautiful forests that surround the area. Discover local mythology during the guided boat trip to the nearby San Antonio Dam. There is a playground for children, tennis courts, and a swimming pool, among the other facilities.

The waterfall is about a one-hour drive to the northeast of Pachuca. Minibuses connect Pachuca’s city center and the entry point into the waterfall. You can also get there via the rental of a car or via a guided tour. Parking is accessible.

Prismas Basalticos Waterfall is accessible every day and is accessible for an admission charge. It includes accessibility to the waterfall, sports fields, a play area, and a swimming pool. Additional fees are charged for the boat tour, horse rides, and the zip line. There are a variety of guesthouses, homes, and hotels near the waterfall, which offer a variety of accommodations to suit a range of budgets.

El Geiser Thermal Pools

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

To experience a natural sensation unlike any other, go to the bubbling pools of El Geiser’s Thermal Pools. The area is famous for its mineral-rich water. El Geiser Thermal Pools is located in the city of Tecozautla.

There is an entry fee; however, it’s worthwhile. El Arenal Aquatic Park isn’t far away if you’re looking to explore more after your time at this natural source of heated water.

El Rehilete Museum

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

El Rehilete Museum is one of the best places to visit in Hidalgo. Discover life-sized dinosaurs at Pachuca’s interactive museum for families that includes an observatory and planetarium, as well as the science lab. Cactus gardens and Mesoamerican statues.

Travel back thousands of years in El Rehilete Museum to an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Explore The Science Lab, Planetarium, and the Observatory. After that, stroll through the Botanic Garden and view sculptures from the pre-Colombian period within the Archeological Passage.

El Rehilete Museum (Museo el Rehilete) is a suitable name. Pachuca can be described as “the Beautiful Windy City,” and Rehilete is a pinwheel, a favorite toy for kids that runs with wind energy. Interactive exhibits in the museum span four levels.

The most famous tourist attraction is It is Dinoparque permits visitors to walk among life-sized replicas of dinosaurs’ deep-sea saber-tooth tigers as also tortoises and the crocodile and crocodile. See the exhibits covering every Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period, then study fossils from the perspective of a paleontologist before you then leap into the current. Children will be able to explore the past giants and learn about the names and habits of the species that once thrived across the American continent.

Explore the universe at the close Planetarium and Observatory. In this Science Lab, let the kids play in a giant bubble, lie on a nail-covered mattress without feeling a pinprick, and test their physical principles. For children, there’s a room for preschoolers with science tools that can be used in hands-on play and games.

Outside, walk through the Archeological Passage, which has 50 statues that are replicas, and learn about the many types of Mesoamerica. It was this region that was the birthplace of civilizations before the time that the Spanish arrived, and the artists of Mesoamerica were highly regarded. You can take a guided tour of about 30 minutes, where you can ask all your questions and take pleasure in the art.

The Museum’s Botanic Garden displays the cacti that thrive in the region. Learn how these plants help preserve the local culture and the natural environment in the desert.

El Rehilete Museum is located in the south of Pachuca along the highway which connects the city of Pachuca to Mexico City. The museum is accessible by bus, taxi, or even by car. You can purchase a combination pass for all the exhibits or buy individual tickets. Children get a discount.

Real de Monte

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

Apart from Huasca de Ocampo, the state of Hidalgo is home to another magical pueblo. Honest de Monte, sometimes known as Mineral del Monte, was once among the largest mine towns in Mexico. There is still in the Acosta Mine until the present day.

Visit the Plaza Principal (Town Square) to admire the gorgeous Spanish colonial architecture and the old churches. You can taste a local treat called Paste (pronounced paste-tee) from the Paste Shop.

These hand pies are comparable with the Cornish pasty, a staple of Cornwall, England. Many Real de Monte residents trace their roots back to Cornwall. The town has been called “Little Cornwall.”

It’s among the most authentic Mexican dishes traditions, and many people don’t even understand that pastes exist.

La Gloria Tolantongo Aquatic Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Hidalgo, Visit Hidalgo

La Gloria Tolantongo Aquatic Park is one of the best places to visit in Hidalgo. Enjoy a dip in the waters in La Gloria Tolantongo Aquatic Park. If the weather’s pleasant, you can swim in the ocean or relax and enjoy the wildlife.

La Gloria Tolantongo Aquatic Park is located in Cardonal and is a favorite among people who come to the area. Be sure to know the opening hours and admission fees before visiting the park. When you’ve made it to the waterhole, Tolantongo Caves is close to the area and well worth a trip.


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