Best Places to Visit in Jalisco (Mexico)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Jalisco? Are you thinking of a trip to North America and wondering what to explore in Jalisco? We’ve got you covered. Welcome to Jalisco, known as the world’s tequila capital city. Next time you’re talking about tequila shots with your friends, you may be interested in visiting the city it was born in and heading here to Jalisco, Mexico.

To give a bit in geography, Jalisco can be described as a state within Western Mexico, with Guadalajara as the capital city. The reason it’s a fascinating destination to visit because it’s among the states of Mexico that are most notable because of its fascinating cultural background and rich natural resources, including beaches, forests, lakes, plains, and plains.

This is likely to draw your interest. Consider rodeos, sombreros, and the famous Mexican Hat Dance if you’re still not convinced. Diversity is guaranteed with a population of more than 7 million diverse cultures. According to the data, most Mexicans within the United States came from Jalisco; therefore, if you are from the US, there’s unlikely to be a massive difference in the culture and customs in Jalisco, shielding you from the shocks of culture.

Jalisco’s story is simply captivating, as was the Spanish victory over the Aztecs around 1521. But, before the Spanish arrived, many ancient civilizations thrived on Jalisco’s terrain, like Toltec and Teotihuacan before the Aztec civilization. Due to this, most tourists can now go to archaeological areas to view cave paintings, petroglyphs, or carvings in the rock formations.

There’s also The Pyramid of Ixtepete situated in Zapopan, thought to have been built during the time of those of the Teotihuacan people.

Instituto Cultural de Cabañas

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Instituto Cultural de Cabañas is one of the best places to visit in Jalisco. In the historic downtown center, the world heritage-listed Instituto Cultural Cabanas (formerly known as Hospicio Cabanas) is a stunning Neoclassical orphanage and former hospital constructed at the start of the 19th century.

The complex is now where you can find the Cabanas Cultural Institute and the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Apart from the beautiful design modeled upon similar structures found in Paris and Madrid, the most notable feature are the more than 57 stunning frescoes created by Jose Clemente Orozco, which are considered by many as his most prestigious work.

Most murals are on the ceiling and the walls around the massive dome and nave, including his iconic The Man of Fire (El Hombre del Fuego) mural. Tours with guides are offered in English and Spanish and are highly suggested.

After that, you can visit the massive Market Hall (Mercado Libertad) close by, where local costumes, pottery, paper flowers, and musical instruments are available. It is the biggest open-air market in Latin America.

Basilica de Zapopan

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

The beautiful sanctuary illuminates the city at night and houses a well-known Virgin statue and indigenous artifacts. The Basilica de Zapopan is an 18th-century church in the picturesque town of Zapopan towards the northern part of Guadalajara.

It is among the most frequented churches in Mexico due to its tiny sculpture of wood of the Virgin Mary, which is of great historical and religious significance. It is also the home of the Huichol Museum. Huichol Museum, which showcases pieces of art from indigenous cultures.

Take a look at visit the Virgin in Zapopan’s statue constructed in the hands of the indigenous Michoacan people of Michoacan using straw and coconut wood during the early 16th century. The figure is highly revered and is believed to guard people against natural catastrophes.

Join the thousands of pilgrims from all over the globe who visit to view the structure made of wood and pray in the church. From mid-June through mid-October, the statue moves across Jalisco. Jalisco by visiting different religious and church sites. Participate in the 5-mile (8-kilometer) journey, referred to as the Romeria celebration of the Virgin’s return to Zapopan in October.

The annual parade draws around one million people. Experience the traditional tribal dances when the statue is taken across Guadalajara Cathedral to Guadalajara Cathedral to the Basilica de Zapopan and then stay to watch the fireworks that celebrate the occasion.

Explore the vast space just in front of the sanctuary. Take in the grand façade of the church with its symmetrical twin towers. You can also observe Spanish colonial influences within the baroque-inspired design. The church’s atmosphere is stunning at night when it’s illuminated. Also, the crosses atop the towers glow in bright blue.

Look at the church’s main altar, built from Italian marble. Relax in the tranquil surroundings as you walk through the tranquil gardens. Visit the Huichol Museum with artworks created by native Huichol, Tepehuan, and Cora people. Please find out about their culture and history, and purchase handicrafts in The gift shop.

The Basilica de Zapopan is located in the tiny town of Zapopan, 20 minutes to the north of Guadalajara. You can take a taxi or bus to the church.

Expiatory Temple

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

Though it’s one of Guadalajara’s newest churches, construction began in 1897 and continued until 1972. The Templo Expiatorio of Santissimo Sacajama is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city’s religion.

Built in the Neo-Gothic style, the church is renowned for its elaborately embellished exterior and many European-made parts. The highlights include the following:

  • Its exquisitely designed doors are adorned with bronze reliefs.
  • Stunning mosaics made in Italy.
  • A distinctive German clock.
  • A stunning carillon that can play 25 different musical pieces (it can be played within the sanctuary) as figures from the Twelve Apostles dance through the church.

The exquisite stained-glass windows made in France and the elaborately embellished Golden Altar with its many biblical tales are also of interest.

Guadalajara Cathedral

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

With its Gothic twin spires, the church is among the most well-known landmarks in Guadalajara and is full of fascinating backgrounds. Guadalajara Cathedral is an impressive sacred site in the middle of the Mexican city. The cathedral was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt in its history.

The cathedral is a fascinating mix of styles of architecture and has a long and rich history. Explore its stunning gothic towers and stained-glass windows and the treasures of its relics and art.
Marvel admires the cathedral’s Neo-Gothic facade, with towering twin towers that form an iconic portion of the Guadalajara skyline.

The cathedral was first constructed in 1541 and was later destroyed by fire after its thatched roof caught fire. Earthquakes damaged the cathedral through the years, and its towers have been rebuilt twice. The north tower is on an angle of about a quarter, and the dome has also been damaged.

Look up at the enormous arch and dome in the cathedral. The cathedral is open at night to admire the glowing illumination of the church’s exterior and fountain as they’re bathed in sunlight. Look at the cathedral’s altar constructed of silver and marble and the beautiful stained-glass windows imported from France.

The altar is behind it, and you will find one of the most significant organs found in Mexico. The cathedral houses three chapels where you can sit and contemplate peacefully and take in the peaceful setting.

Discover impressive art, like the ivory Christ statue and oil paintings by Mexican artists, and a figure of Virgen de La Rosa, which was a gift from King Charles V. The cathedral is also the burial place of many former bishops and cardinals and the embalmed body of the former Mexican president.

The cathedral can be found in the northern part of the city’s central area. It’s accessible via tram and only a short distance from the closest stop, Plaza Universidad. The area is surrounded by stunning parks and landmarks, including the Rotonda of the Jaliscienses Ilustres Monument.

Take tours of nearby sites, including Guadalajara’s Museo Regional de Guadalajara and the Palacio of Gobierno.

Guadalajara Zoo

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

Guadalajara Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Jalisco. The Guadalajara Zoo( Zoológico Guadalajara) is just a few twinkles north of the megacity. In addition to its delicate setting, it overlooks the stunning Santiago Gorge. This fun magnet is one of Latin America’s largest and most important zoos.

Highlights of its collection of creatures include numerous rare species similar to white Napoleons, Bengal barracuda, and black cougars, plus a large primate contingent featuring hoods and orangutans, along with several native Mexican species identical to Mexican wolves.

Other highlights include a giant terrarium and a reptile house with multitudinous lizards, snakes, and spiders. The zoo is also noted for its large aviaries, particularly two devoted to songbirds and tropical species. Kiddies will love Safari Masai Mara, a fun lift through the African savannah grazed with antelope, rhinos, and other species.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

Belt coconut water, eat grilled fish, and enjoy shopping and entertainment at this Deepwater boardwalk. The Malecon is a famous deepwater boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta. Locals and excursionists likewise use this walk as a meeting point, which is further than an afar(1.6 kilometers) long.

The area is bustling on summer nights. Watch road players under the win trees, sample a variety of Mexican road food and enjoy the evening over the ocean. The Malecon is a great place to test the original cuisine. For lunch, try a piece of grilled fish on a skewer or grilled sludge with bomb or rubbish.

A serving of cold tejuino is excellent on a hot day. This instigated an iced drink that is trendy in this part of Mexico, and it’s made from the same sludge dough as tortillas. The water inside the coconut is stimulating and is occasionally garnished with a bomb and swab. At night, try out tuba, an alcoholic coconut drink that can include walnuts or apples.

The Malecon is also lined with sit-down caffs for further formal dining. Walk the length of the Malecon to see juggling acts, mimes, and musicians playing traditional Mexican folk music. The emotional beach puppets sculpted by original artists on the sand give several grand print openings. The Malecon is also the fashion quarter of Puerto Vallarta.

You can find numerous clothes, jewelry, and leather outlets along the walkway. There are also innumerable artworks for trade, from oils of Los Muertos sand to mosaics. Peddlers dealing with handwrought goods are common in this area, particularly in summer, and they can be patient. The Malecon runs along the edge of the water at Los Muertos sand.

La Minerva

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

See the notorious statue of a Roman goddess at this iconic root, a popular spot for locals to meet and celebrate sporting palms. La Minerva is one of the giant cradles in Guadalajara and a prominent megacity corner. Respect the notorious citation statue of the Roman goddess Minerva and enjoy the lively atmosphere around the root, a popular meeting point for locals and sports suckers.

Marvel at the indirect emotional root with a 242- bottom( 74- cadence) periphery and a 26- bases( 8- cadence) statue of the Roman goddess Minerva in the center. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, art, and defense and is depicted wearing a helmet and holding a shaft as she guards the megacity. Watch the root’s water spurts shoot up either side of her bases throughout the day.

The statue was carved in the 1950s by Joaquin Arias Mendez and was delivered from his home to the root in three pieces. Examine the goddess’s face. When the statue was erected, locals blamed the beginning for being inadequately proportioned and mannish and indicted the artist of designing the front to act his own.

Over time, the review has been forgotten, and the Minerva statue has been embraced as an icon of the megacity. Respect the grandiloquent and unheroic flowers adorning the well-tended lawn around La Minerva.

Read the necrology behind the root, which lists 18 citizens of Guadalajara who made significant benefactions to the megacity. The drawing at the front of the monument reads, “Justice, wisdom, and strength guard this pious megacity.”

The root has become a place to celebrate palms, especially in the sporting arena. Suckers of the original football platoon “Chivas de Guadalajara” ( scapegoats of Guadalajara) frequently congregate then after a winning game. It’s also a popular meeting place for locals attending performances and other events in the area.

La Minerva is located northwest of Guadalajara, on a cloverleaf connecting several main roads. Visit near lodestones, including the fascinating monument of Glorieta de la Estampida and the Monuments a Los Niños Heroes.

Parque Agua Azul & Bosque Colomos

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

Parque Agua Azul & Bosque Colomos is one of the best places to visit in Jalisco. Guadalajara’s most popular public demesne is the beautiful Parque Agua Azul, literally restated as the Blue Water Park. Opened in 1952, the demesne covers an area of some168,000 square measures and is an awful place to tromp among the landscaped auditoriums and trees.

Highlights include a tropical orchid house, a Butterfly House, and an aviary, both home to various indigenous species. Also of interest is the conterminous Casa de las Artesanías, an area where original folk art is displayed and ended, and a small anthropological gallery( the Museum of Paleontology), an open-air theater, and a flower request.

Another popular demesne in Guadalajara is Bosque Solomon’s. Densely wooded in a corridor and pointed by mooching aqueducts where ducks glide, this peaceful green space offers a comforting respite from the megacity buzz. Other highlights include a tranquil Japanese theater, running tracks, and an artistic center with art-related shops in stripes similar to folk dancing, oil, delineation, and form. Raspberry-watching and picnics are other widespread effects to do then.

Playa Mismaloya

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

Feel the breath tousling your hair, the water splashing at your bases, and the swab on your skin at Playa Mismaloya. Hang around for the evening to cap off a memorable day out.

A trip to this stretch of the bank will not bring a penny, which is welcome news if you are watching your budget. You will find Playa Mismaloya in South Shore Hotel Area. There are loads more places to see, including Las Caletas Beach, Puerto Vallarta Botanical auditoriums, and Playa de Los Muertos.

Expo Guadalajara

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Jalisco, Visit Jalisco

Expo Guadalajara is one of the best places to visit in Jalisco. Still, see what is listed at Expo Guadalajara, If you need other ways to stay entertained on your trip. This place frequently holds fascinating conferences or events.

Trippers frequently visit Expo Guadalajara to Zona Expo. But these events and conferences venue should not be your only stop in the area. Hospicio Cabanas isn’t too far down, and it is worth exploring.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Expo Guadalajara is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list of Best Places to Visit in Jalisco.

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