Best Places to Visit in Minnesota (United States)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Minnesota? Are you thinking of a trip to the South and wondering what to explore in Minnesota? We’ve got you covered. Minnesota often referred to as “the Land of 10,000 Lakes, is a state that is bordered by lakes and Canada, located in the midwestern United States. It’s the perfect combination of outdoor adventures for an enjoyable experience in the great outdoors and exciting tourist hotspots to enjoy a day in the city.

The many things that can be enjoyed here are taking a boat ride and shopping at the biggest mall in the United States, admiring the stunning works of art at the art museum, getting involved with animals in a zoo, exploring historical landmarks, and a lot more.

I’m trying to make your planning as simple and easy for you. This is why I’ve created an extensive list of the top destinations to visit in Minnesota to make the experience as smooth as possible.

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Schmidt’s Brewery

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

Schmidt’s Brewery is one of the best places to visit in Minnesota. Like its abandoned locations, Minnesota is also notorious for its haunted places. One of these haunted locations within Minnesota includes The Old Schmidt Brewery, located in the current, Keg and Case Market.

The brewery isn’t just claimed to be haunted by those who wish to create an aura of mystery surrounding it. It’s also famous for the film story that is The Schmidt family, which included kidnappings by gangs and random shootings.

The founder of the International Paranormal Society, Adrian Lee, says that this is the place that was the inspiration behind Mysterious Minnesota which is his book. Based on his experience, this area still sends chills through his spine.

Before visiting, it’s essential to know the history of the area. Jacob Schmidt settled in the region in 1884 and began making beers. Nine years later, the police arrested him for shooting pigeons in the river behind his brewery. But he was not indicted.

Schmidt Brewery Schmidt Brewery officially began in 1890 and was burned to the ground the following year. The proprietor’s son, Edward G. Bremer, was kidnapped in 1934 by the Ma Barker Gang. Ma Barker Gang was responsible. Ma Barker Gang held him hostage for $200,000.
While these are merely a few frightening events that have taken place in the brewery, the deaths of the workers of the brewery have been causing panic around the premises. Two employees suffered fatal injuries from an explosion.

Then, in 1902, a collision involved the shaft of an elevator. A year later, Matthew Kohler, a worker who had lit gas lamps inside the building, passed away from breathing in flames. In the end, it’s a highly haunted spot in Minnesota.

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Saint Paul

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

Saint Paul, nestled on the Mississippi River banks, is Minnesota’s capital city.
It, along with Minneapolis, is also known in the Twin Cities Saint Paul is one of the top places to go in Minnesota, which offers you and your guests numerous attractions to discover and exciting activities that you can do with your friends.

A few of the places that you will find include Summit Avenue, featuring the most extensive collection of Victorian structures in America as well as The Cathedral of St. Paul, which is a magnificent cathedral that hosts many performances and events, and the Minnesota History Center, where you can find out about the local culture and history

When looking for the top restaurants to eat on the streets, don’t forget to visit Pizza Luce.
The restaurant is cozy and serves delicious pizzas, pasta, wine, beer, and vegetarian and gluten-free choices.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

Minneapolis is the most populous city in this state and the other part of the Twin Cities. Its 13 lakes, lively performing arts scene, and stunning parks are famous.

Enjoy memories with your family, partner, or friends while exploring one of the most popular destinations to visit within Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Bond when you take part in things like walking through parks, taking an excursion to shop, exploring an art gallery, taking in captivating live shows, going to rides in amusement parks, experiencing the wonders of marine life in an aquarium, and so on. The must-see place on your visit to the city is Guthrie Theater. Guthrie Theater.

It’s a state-of-the-art building with high-tech lighting and sound equipment, guided excursions, and comfortable seating.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

Duluth, the port town of Duluth, is a stunning place to visit on the shores of Lake Superior. It is widely acknowledged as one of the top beautiful towns in the Midwest, and the reason is evident. Duluth was first settled about 700 feet high above the sea. As such, most of Downtown Duluth offers stunning views of the lake below.

If you have only time to go to one place in Duluth, the best thing to do would be Canal Park. In Canal Park, you’ll find a 4-mile walk that runs along the waters, a lighthouse’s pier, an aquarium, and numerous eateries, shops, and tourist attractions.

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North Shore Scenic Drive

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

North Shore Scenic Drive is one of the best places to visit in Minnesota. When planning your extended family trip or a friend’s getaway, go on the North Shore Scenic Drive that starts in Duluth.

The national scenic byway runs situated along Minnesota State Highway 61. It runs along Lake Superior’s shores up to Thunder Bay in Canada. You’ll find a variety of excellent state parks along the way, which include Grand Portage State Park, Superior National Forest, Tettegouche State Park, and Split Rock Lighthouse.

The cliffs are awash with rock with stunning views and waterfalls. The road is a true gem if you have an RV on RVshare and you want to go to several locations along the way for ice fishing or boating and canoeing.

It is also known as home to many of the best skiing spots in Minnesota for those who are not a massive fan of the view from their car. The more than 300 miles Superior Hiking Trail takes you along the shoreline of Minnesota, permitting you to take in the beauty of the landscape from the air.

Itasca State Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

Minnesota is home to many beautiful state parks. However, the largest and most well-known state park is Itasca State Park. The park has everything for the whole family, with old-growth forests, crystal clear streams, and lakes perfect for water sports.

Itasca State Park contains the Mississippi Headwaters in which the mighty Mississippi starts and flows down to the Gulf of Mexico. Along with fishing, hiking, camping, and birdwatching, discover more about the fascinating Mississippi River with a visit to the Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center.

Mall of America

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

If you’re planning to travel to Minnesota, you’ve likely been aware of Mall of America. Mall of America is no regular mall, as it’s one of the largest in the United States. It was established in 1992 and houses more than 500 stores and many restaurants for you to grab and eat.

Additionally, there are Amusement parks (multiple in actual) theaters, amusement parks, and hotel accommodations. The most popular attraction at Mall of America is the numerous celebrations that are held there each year. It’s famous for hosting more than 400 events annually – more than the number of days in a calendar.

You’re bound to see any celebration, no matter which day of the week you visit. Be sure to check on Viator for any events coming up. If you’re planning to stay at St. Paul or Bloomington, Find hotels via Kayak because many properties offer “Stay and Shop’ packages, offering discounts on certain things to do and see at Mall of America.

Mall of America should top your list of places to go in Minnesota If you are a fan of shopping. If you’re not a shopping enthusiast, think about other places to visit.

Mississippi River

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

There are numerous top places to go to in the State of Minnesota. However, there is a top spot, precisely, The Mighty Mississippi. A great way to take in the stunning sights of the most incredible river anywhere is to take a journey through The Great River Road.

There are a variety of cities to explore through the Great River Road. One of them is named Winona, famous for its cherry blooms. It’s a beautiful view to take in during springtime.

It is said that the Mississippi River is one of the most famous rivers around the globe, and the most stunning views of this river can be situated just here, in Minnesota.

It’s not necessary to travel too far. If you’re only visiting the Twin Cities for a few days, you should consider visiting Minneapolis’ Mississippi River Gorge Regional Park, which offers stunning perspectives of the Mississippi River. It is located between Minneapolis along with St. Paul. This is amongst the most beautiful places you can visit in Minneapolis. If you cannot go to parks, the vast river is reasonably accessible to spot when you visit Minnesota.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Wilderness

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

A Boundary Waters Canoe Area is one of the top spots to canoe in Minnesota. It is located in the Superior National Forest and covers most of Minnesota’s northeast areas.

If you’re looking to discover the wilderness in its natural state, This wilderness sanctuary is the best spot to experience nature’s beautiful beauty that is Northern Minnesota.

In addition, it is said that the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is located in the forest, near the Canadian-US border.

In this area, you can go canoeing or fish and kayak, all while being close to wildlife, including the wolves, moose, and bears.

With the lake that covers 700 sq miles, and the forest stretching over 45,000 acres of land, it’s covered by the natural world. There are several cool hiking spots in Minnesota that can be found on their official website.

When you visit and are in the area, make sure to go to the International Wolf Center to meet some new acquaintances and gain insight into the local story of these amazing animals.

Voyageurs National Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Minnesota, Travel to Minnesota, USA, Visit Minnesota

Outside of International Falls and close to Canada’s border, there is Voyageurs National Park. The park is bordered by water, which includes Lake Kabetogama and Rainy Lake. Voyageurs National Park boasts miles of undeveloped, clean shorelines and countless tiny uninhabited islands.

It’s the ideal place to explore the outdoors in the most popular times of summer. You will be able to escape the crowds. Over 50 miles of trails are an attraction, and hiking trails can permit visitors to view some of the wildlife that roams around. The park is renowned for its large population of Eastern Timber Wolves, and you may also see the elusive bald eagle, otters, and occasionally moose.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Duluth is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list about Best Places to Visit in Minnesota.

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