Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa (Mexico)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa? Are you thinking of a trip to North America and wondering what to explore in Sinaloa? We’ve got you covered. With 650 km of coastlines, coastlines, and valleys located at the foot of Sierra Madre Occidental, Sinaloa offers a variety of natural habitats to enjoy ecotourism. The microclimates that it has are ideal for adventure and nature tourism and sport fishing, as well as the chance to see endemic species and an approach to rural tourism.

Be amazed by the wonder in El Fuerte, Mocorito, Cosala, and El Rosario, tourist destinations that offer visitors amazing nature-based landscapes. They also offer a culture of architecture, culture, traditions and myths, handicrafts, and the finest regional cuisine.

Sinaloa also includes Sinaloa also has Stately Towns, which are towns that have an outstanding historical and cultural heritage and excellent tourist attractions. Sinaloa de Leyva, San Ignacio, Elota, Villa de Ahome, Choix, El Quelite, Imala, Concordia, and Copala are all stately towns.

From south to north, Sinaloa created numerous tourist routes and corridors that are connected by their destinations and tourist offerings. From the sea to the mountains, through the corridor that leads to Barrancas del Cobre, to the historical destinations of nature and sun, and the beach in the southern part of Sinaloa, the tourist can browse through the many tourist options to select from.

Olas Altas Beach

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Olas Altas Beach is one of the best places to visit in Sinaloa. Enjoy watching the boogie boarders and surfers ride the waves. You can also take to the water for yourself and watch the beautiful sunsets at the waterfront bar on the beach’s central location.

Olas Altas Beach is one of Mazatlan’s most popular beaches. The beach is bustling with activity, especially during times of pleasant and dryness. You can sit on the sand and watch surfers take on the waves, or hire an inflatable board to join them out on the water.

This beach was among the first beaches in the region to draw tourists to the area in the late 1950s. Enjoy the small, curving beach of golden sand, that is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and is surrounded by an esplanade along the other. Despite its fame, Olas Altas Beach is considerably less crowded than a beach in Mazatlan’s Golden Zone.

Its name Olas Altas Beach means High Wave Beach and the rolling waves of this beach have attracted surfers for many years. April to October are the ideal time to surf as the waves be 6 feet high (2 meters) and more.

In addition to surfing in addition, the beach is an ideal spot to unwind. Be sure to arrive early and lay your towel on the sandy beach. The waters here are high waves and a strong current, which means they’re not ideal for swimming. If you’re looking to swim, you should go to the more secure Carpa Olivera, which is an enclosed swimming pool with seawater located near the northern part of the Bay.

Take a stroll through the Malecon promenade, a waterfront walkway that runs along the coastline of Mazatlan. Beginning at the southern end of the beach stroll through monuments that honor famous figures who have influenced Mexican culture. There are tributes to the singer Pedro Infant and composer Fernando Valadez.

The beach is to the other part of the Malecon are a variety of cafes, bars, and restaurants. You can sit on an outdoor terrace to enjoy the views of the ocean while eating traditional Mexican meals like tacos and quesadillas. The beach, the esplanade, and the terraces are all great spots to view the sunset.

The beach is located in southern Mazatlan, Olas Altas Beach is only a few minutes from the historical Old Town. Parking is available right across the beach.

Old Mazatlan

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

USS Constitution also called Old Ironsides, is a three-misted, wooden-hulled heavy frigate belonging to the United States Navy named by President George Washington after the United States Constitution. She is the oldest naval vessel commissioned and is still in operation. The ship began operations in the year 1797.

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Las Labradas

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

The petroglyphs of more than 600 some of them believed to be older than 5000 years old are found on volcanic rock in a breathtaking stretch of coastline, about 60 km north of Mazatlan. The carvings are mostly from the years 750-1250 CE and are connected to the summer solstice as shown by the geometric and solar engravings.

From Mazatlan travel on Hwy 15 through Hwy 15D, and exit beyond Km 51. From there you can to the west for 5.5km through a dirt track. Alternatively, you can opt for one tour. The site is also where you can be able to see fascinating animal and human figures, like the manta-ray-shaped rocks. Bring lunch and a swimsuit for a relaxing beach time.

Witches Beach

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

Take a stroll along the soft sand and the coral trees, rock formations, and crystal clear waters that make Playa Brujas one of the most stunning beaches in Mazatlan. It’s also among the most empty and is situated only a short distance from the town’s famous tourist beaches.

Brujas can is the Spanish word that means witch. The name of the beach is a reference to a local legend about the witch who was believed used to drown swimmers. Another myth states that witches visited the area in the past to carry out rituals.

Bring your bodyboard or surfboard to enjoy the sensation of riding with the power of a wave. There are a variety of surfboards and bodyboards available to be rented or bought at the beach. Playa Bruja is considered an excellent surfing location due to the constant waves. The most powerful swells occur during the summertime, between November and April.

If you’ve never attempted surfing, you can book lessons with local surf instructors who will also take them to the nearest beach. Do some work on your tan, and take an enjoyable swim in the warm waters. Make sure you are aware of the current could be quite strong in this area. Walk across the beach and climb onto the rock formation near the southern end.

Many believe that a portion of the rock’s form is reminiscent of the shape of a witch. This is a different reason for the name of the beach. The nearby eatery serves regional and seafood dishes as well as local specialties. Bring an outdoor picnic to enjoy dinner, lunch, or a late-night dinner as you wait until the evening to catch the last of the light.

Playa Brujas is located in the Cerritos district, just 10 minutes south of Zona Dorada. If you don’t own the luxury of a car, then use a taxi or a bus to Cerritos. Another great option in this area is to visit the nearby Playa Cerritos. It’s also almost empty throughout the day.

Mazatlán Aquarium

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

Mazatlán Aquarium is one of the best places to visit in Sinaloa. Watch amazing marine life swim by and discover the fascinating way they reside in the Mazatlan Aquarium. This well-known attraction shows a portion of the marine creatures that live in the depths of the sea.

There is an admission charge for this exhibit of marine animals that are located within Mazatlan. However, there’s a lot more to explore in the area than Mazatlan Aquarium. El Faro Lighthouse, Plaza Machado, and Olas Altas Beach are also worth a visit.

El Mirador

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

El Mirador is a vantage spot from which you can enjoy stunning views of the city of Mazatlan and The Pacific Ocean. It is situated on top of the hill and has an eatery named after the restaurant, with seating that overlooks the stunning views. Take your family and friends up to the top of this tiny mountain for a spectacular view.

The summit of the hill is home to an attractive terrace from which to take in the view of the town. Take a look at the bright red tiles white columns and light brown and yellow walls that form the tiny terrace. Snap photos of the cityscape and identify your most popular sights. Take note of the abundant greenery and the picturesque hills which lies in the distance.

Set up a blanket in between the trees to enjoy a picnic and take in the cool breeze on the top of the hill. Eat seafood at the chic restaurant, and then get an area in front of the windows for breathtaking views of the crystal clear ocean. Three white rocks protrude from the water, giving the appearance of a rugged coast scene. Have a delicious meal that includes shrimp pate fish tacos and other local dishes in an intimate restaurant.

Take the stairs on the exterior to get to this restaurant at the top of the mountain. You should stay until sunset, as the sky turns red as it floats over the water. The white rocks transform into shadows of black against the dark landscape. The night is when electric lights highlight the surrounding hill.
It is important to note that the observatory is also named Lookout Mountain. It’s free to access the observatory and is accessible at all times.

El Mirador is on the peninsula that separates the southwestern portion of Mazatlan in the western part of Mexico. Get to the ferry terminal, and then take a walk to the north for about a couple of minutes to arrive here. You can take a taxi to the top of the hill. Visit nearby attractions, like the Monument to Pedro Infant, the Museum of Pedro Infant, and the Maria del Mar Parish Church.

Estadio Tomateros

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

Estadio Tomateros de Culiacan is situated in Culiacan, Mexico. It is home to Tomateros de Culiacan of the Mexican Pacific League. The stadium was replaced by Estadio General Angel Flores as the home of Tomateros. It also hosted 2017 the Caribbean Series.

On the 17th of July 2013, it was announced the building of a new stadium for baseball in Culiacan the home of Tomateros of Culiacan The stadium has a capacity of 20,000 and offers a variety of amenities to the fans. One of them is a high-definition video display that measures around 36 feet tall by 108 feet in width, the largest video screen that is found in Latin America.

Plaza Machado

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

Plaza Machado is one of the best places to visit in Sinaloa. Explore colonial-era mansions, hear live performances, and watch people from cafes on the sidewalks in this elegant square situated in Mazatlan’s old town.

The home of French and Spanish-influenced design, Plaza Machado is one of Mazatlan’s most attractive squares and is the central point of social interaction in Mazatlan’s Old Town. Visit this place to take in the beauty of old buildings, eat at chic cafes, and listen to local performers.

In 1837, the square was constructed with money from rich Filipino merchant Juan Nepomuceno Machado, the square was a popular gathering spot for locals in days gone by. Nowadays, the surrounding structures are being restored to their former glory. Take a look at the beautiful colonial style, which is distinguished by balconies that resemble Parisian style, arcades, and pastel shades.

A few of these structures house cafes, bars, and restaurants that have outdoor seating areas ideal for diners who wish to observe the world pass by while they consume their meals. Some buildings also host shops that sell jewelry, handicrafts, and other items.

In the middle of the square is an iron gazebo dating to the 19th century. Local bands and musicians frequently make use of the gazebo’s stage for free performances. Take in the atmosphere of the square from the comfortable bench with a shaded tree. The plaza is surrounded by tall palms and beautiful rows of orange trees.

A great time to travel in this city will be when there is one of the celebrations that are held within the town. Plan your trip so that it coincides with Mazatlan Carnaval which typically is held during February or March. The square is lively during this time of year.

You can find the stunning Angela Peralta Theater just south of the square. The theater complex has an impressive concert hall with a capacity of 800 seats and art galleries. Operas, dance shows, and music concerts, along with other events can be found in this theater.

Plaza Machado is easy to walk to from the other main tourist attractions located in Mazatlan’s Old Town and is just 5 minutes away from Plaza Republica. When you’re there take a look at the stunning Immaculate Conception Cathedral and take a look at the food stands at the Jose Maria Pino Suarez Municipal Market. To explore more of the culture go for Mazatlan’s Mazatlan Archaeological Museum, as well as the Mazatlan Art Museum, both of which are just 5 minutes away.

La Villa de Ahome

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

La Academia is a Mexican reality show about the musical talent of Azteca it premiered in June 2002. It’s now in the tenth episode. While the show isn’t a part of the Endemol franchise that encompasses its Star Academy shows, it has the same format is common to many variations of the worldwide franchise.

The first season of the show this show proved to be a consistent dominant time-slot show as demonstrated by its win in the face of Televisa’s Operacion Triunfo Mexico, in various countries, including Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Venezuela. The show that was competing with it was created for one season and was an official Endemol entry to Mexico.

However, the last two seasons of La Academia had declining ratings and were aired in opposition to The Voice, the Mexican version of The Voice, produced by Televisa which was eventually shut down in the year 2012. In the year 2018, Azteca renewed the show and is currently broadcasting the next generation of La Academia.

The show was licensed to different countries: Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Paraguay, Singapore, Thailand as well as Central America. Winner of the initial, and the most popular season Myriam Montemayor Cruz in December 2002.

Isla de la Piedra

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mexico Best Places, Mexico Travel Guide, Travel to Sinaloa, Visit Sinaloa

Isla de la Piedra is one of the best places to visit in Sinaloa. A popular half-day escape from the city This peninsula (not an actual island) is located just to the south to the southeast of Old Mazatlan and boasts a gorgeous, long, sandy beach surrounded by coconut trees. Surfers visit for the waves, while its basic Palapa (thatched-roof) restaurants attract Mexican families, especially during weekends. Water taxis are frequently (6 am until 6 pm) departing from Playa Sur. Playa Sur embarcadero (dock).

“Playa Sur” buses depart to go to buses to the embarcadero from the intersection between Serdan and Escobedo two blocks to the southeast to Plaza Principal in Old Mazatlan.


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