Best Places to Visit in Montana (United States)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Montana? Are you thinking of a trip to the South and wondering what to explore in Montana? We’ve got you covered. If you’re in Montana for the first time or are an established citizen of Montana, Big Sky Country offers unique scenery that is not seen in other locations within North America. From glacial lakes to majestic headframes seen within mining communities, Montana has a distinct flavor only discovered through a visit.

However, when a taste of Montana’s open and wild areas becomes a reality, it’s impossible to find a better place to live. Mountains are the backdrop for much of Montana and especially the western portion of the state, in which you will find that the Continental Divide protrudes with Rocky Mountain splendor. This rugged region offers several attractive places to explore, such as the famous Glacier National Park, also called the Crown of the Continent.

However, Glacier isn’t the only iceberg of Montana’s adventures. Montana includes one of the largest wilderness areas in the nation, as well as millions of acres of National forests. Within these critical wide-open areas, several important Western cities, such as Missoula and Bozeman, are awe-inspiring with their additional cultural offerings.
Plan your trip in Big Sky Country with our guide to the best destinations to visit in Montana.

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Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

1Bozeman is one of the best places to visit in Montana.

Bozeman, located situated in the southwest of Montana, is a town that has outdoor access. Locations such as Bridger Bowl Ski Area and Custer Gallatin National Forest backdrop this picturesque western town is providing classic Montana activities throughout the entire year. The ease of access to nature makes Bozeman the ideal spot for walking, fishing, fishing, and skiing.

Bozeman is also known for its academic appeal because its city is home to Montana State University. This gives a more scholarly feel to the historical Main Street running through downtown and is a constant stream of students, particularly during weekends. Among the many other educational opportunities, the city is the home of the well-known The Museum of the Rockies, with one of the largest fossil collections of dinosaurs in the United States. Additionally, the American Museum of Robotics is just a few blocks away, providing a clear timeline of technological advancement.

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Glacier National Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

Glacier National Park is on of the best place to visit in Montana. Glacier National Park, in Northwest Montana, is accurately known as the Crown of the Continent. It is a part of Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada and is linked at the frontier. The park is situated along across the Continental Divide. The park includes headwaters for three of the essential North American watersheds. It is also ranked among the best Montana national and state parks.

Massive snowfalls and centuries-old glaciers transformed these Rocky Mountain regions into a stunning alpine landscape with U-shaped valleys, frozen lakes, and picturesque mountain peaks. The main route that transports people to Glacier can be found on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It covers 50 miles and connects the most beautiful spots in the park to explore.

When considering which areas to go to Glacier National Park, a couple of suggestions are Lake McDonald, Logan Pass, and St. Mary – the western, middle, and eastern ends of the Going-to-the-Sun Road. These are all popular spots in Glacier National Park’s free shuttle service. Several campgrounds and trailheads run along the path, with some historical chalets.

Hiking, backpacking, fishing boats, camping, and simply taking in the scenery are the mainstays of summertime fun at Glacier. Even more private cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities can be found during the winter. The most popular time to visit Glacier is between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when an estimated 3 million people visit this time of year.

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Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

The city that is a university in Missoula is definitely worth a trip or a long-term stay. A Clark Fork River runs through the city’s center, linked to the historic downtown district and a railroad depot. With an active college population and the local population, the city has a variety of venues for culture and entertainment.

As well as on the University of Montana campus, additional exciting cities are The Missoula Art Museum, a lively music scene, and a hip Strip of locally owned storefronts. Nearby to the river is the Clark Fork River Trail, the primary pedestrian path connecting various places of interest and activities.

Near the city, spots such as the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Montana Snowbowl offer hiking trails and ski slopes. Several national forests surrounding the town provide deep dives into the iconic Montana landscapes. The shoulder and summer seasons are the best time to visit Missoula However. Winter provides an entirely different kind of frozen fun.

West Yellowstone

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

Many of the famous Yellowstone National Park are located within the state bordering Wyoming. Specific entrances are actually in Montana. One of the most frequently visited is known as West Yellowstone. The name implies the western entry point into Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park.

It also serves as an entry point into one of the most stunning national parks and is the home of attractions such as Old Faithful. West Yellowstone is home to the vast collection that comprises The Yellowstone Museum. There are also fascinating souvenirs at the stores situated on Yellowstone Ave, or head to Faithful Street for some affordable local fare.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

Whitefish is one of the best places to visit in Montana. Whitefish is a central station along the Empire Builder Amtrak line in far Northwest Montana. The town is a resort area due to the nearby Whitefish Mountain Resort, also known by the name Big Mountain. It’s also a starting location for adventure in Glacier National Park, with the western Apgar Entrance just thirty minutes from the area.

The town’s downtown area of Whitefish is full of local eateries, shops, and an art gallery. There is a lot of entertainment to enjoy throughout the year, especially in winter when snowboarders and skiers at Whitefish Mountain Resort fill the streets. Additional tourist attractions such as Whitefish Lake and the surrounding Flathead National Forest attract visitors to the mountain town.

Whitefish is also a good base for exploring other scenic spots to see. In addition to Glacier in the northern part, the town is within easy driving distance from Kalispell and Flathead Lake to the south. Like Whitefish, Kalispell offers a small-town feel and western charm.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

In the western part of Montana, close to the junction with Interstate 90 and Interstate 15, Butte provides an authentic Montana experience as well as a place to go. It was once regarded as”the “Richest Hill on Earth,” Butte has an extensive mining history, which is evident in the streets.

Its Berkeley Pit bordering the city offers fascinating evidence of this past, as does the World Museum of Mining situated on the former Orphan Girl Mine. One of the best ways to learn about the history of Butte is to take one of the many guided tours around the city. Old Butte Historical Adventures provides one of the most well-known narration-driven tours, such as the traditional Underground City Tour.

Its close-by Rocky Mountain landscape provides adventure opportunities throughout the year and includes accessibility for the Continental Divide Trail. Anaconda, the town to the south of Anaconda also offers a variety for enjoyment, accessible from Butte.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

Bighorn Canyon is one of the most compelling motives to travel to this Treasure State, with its breathtaking natural beauty that is unmatched. It is a recreation area comprising 120,000 acres of vast woodlands, deep valleys, wetlands, and the famous Bighorn Lake.

Incredibly, The Yellowtail Dam was the first to create Bighorn Lake, one of the most popular attractions of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

The 60-mile-wide lake straddles the border between Wyoming and Montana and offers excellent possibilities for fly-fishing. There is also camping, boating, and biking on the Bighorn, which has 27 miles of trails you can hike.

Most tourists visiting Bighorn Canyon prefer to fish and boat on Bighorn Canyon’s Bighorn River and Afterbay Lake, which have excellent rainbow and brown trout fishing spots.

Bighorn Canyon makes this list due to its lack of crowds like Yellowstone National Park. The park is visited by an average of 250,000 visitors annually and provides some peacetime for you to enjoy the trails.

Virginia City

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

It’s not uncommon for people to think of Virginia City as the State of Virginia. But, this historic Montana town was an important gold mine in the 1800s and had about $90 million of gold mined from the area worth $2.06 billion.

It’s not the bustling, busy mining town it once was. It houses more than 100 historic structures adorned with artifacts, furnishings, and displays from the early 19th century. The options were to change or go out of business, but Virginia City went a step higher to prosper.
The people who visit this town feel as if they’ve been transported back to the past that were The Old West, and the historical and city legends make the town even more special.

The city offers a variety of options to experience the past, including stagecoaches, narrow-gauge railroads, and everyday sights. It is believed that the Mark Twain Watering Hole was the most popular saloon for the legendary comedian who would drink there.

You’ll be enthralled to have a chat with locals in traditional attire, and they’re guaranteed to provide you with the most appropriate suggestions for food or drinks. Visit Grandma’s Fudge Factory to taste the best caramel apple throughout the West.

Great Falls

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

Great Falls is home to many world-class restaurants, museums, and authentic Montana experiences. It also has a significant historical significance, dating from Cowboy Artists, the Corps of Discovery, and indigenous people who lived in the area. Today, it has many things to do and beautiful places.

The C.M. Russell Museum and the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art are great places to see some famous works in both modern and Western art. The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center gives more insight into the city’s rich history.

The River’s Edge Trail is the main pedestrian path that runs across the city from each side of the Missouri River. It connects numerous breathtaking outdoor destinations, including Giant Springs State Park, which is home to one of the most significant natural freshwater springs found in the nation. To add more outdoor fun to the west of Great Falls are First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park and the ancient buffalo hunting ground site.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Montana, Travel to Montana, USA, Visit Montana

Many travelers start their Montana journeys in Helena, Montana’s capital city. Helena is the state’s capital city and a major city in the middle of Gold West Country. The principal tourist attraction in Helena is located in the Montana State Capitol Building, which is accessible for weekly guided tours.

You should also check at The Gates of the Mountains of the Missouri River, a group of cliffs that let you into the river and were named after the famous pioneer’s Lewis and Clark. Helena is also the home of the historic mining district, also known in the area of Reeder’s Alley, the beautifully hand-carved Great Northern Carousel, and the 19th-century Old Fire Tower.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Glacier National Park is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list about Best Places to Visit in Montana.

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