Best Places to Visit in London (United Kingdom)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in London? Are you thinking of a trip to Europe and wondering what to explore in London? We’ve got you covered. London is among the most captivating cities in the world. Modern architectural marvels, like the Shard, are amidst ancient laneways dotted with ancient monuments, luxurious stores, and theatres that have won awards.

The charming streets weave through famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, which amazes visitors with their beauty and drains their phones’ photo storage.

With many impressive tourist sights and unique activities to enjoy, there’s no reason to wonder why London is among the top cities in the world and attracts more than 20 million visitors each year. The capital of Britain has everything for everyone, from foodies, shoppers, adventurers, historians, and children. However, this makes it challenging to decide what to do first.

If you visit one of the best museums (many of them are free to see), take a picnic at one of the sprawling parks, visit the royal palace, or explore a fantastic garden. Maybe you’d instead take part in a performance, ride on an equestrian through a grove, take a ride on the London Eye, or enjoy an afternoon tea in the traditional Harrods. Harrods.

Take a look at our list of top tourist attractions and activities to enjoy within London to help you choose what you want to see and take part in in this incredible city you’ll be able to revisit and more.

Tower of London

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Tower of London is one of the best places to visit in London. The majestic Tower of London has fulfilled numerous roles, from the palace to prison and treasure vaults to a private zoo. One of the most famous British structures, this magnificent World Heritage Site offers hours of entertainment for those curious about the country’s rich past because, after all, much of it occurred here.

The vast White Tower, built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, is the 17th-century Line of Kings with its unique exhibits of royal armour and armour.

Additional highlights comprise the famed Crown Jewels exhibition, the Beefeaters and The Royal Mint, and gruesome exhibits on the executions that occurred within the grounds. Bloody Tower: Bloody Tower presents tales of torture from the past, and it is possible to discover the story of two princes who vanished long ago.

The nearby Tower Bridge, two enormous towers that rise 200 feet above the River Thames, is one of the most well-known landmarks in London (fascinating behind-the-scenes tours are also available). You can walk across the bridge for the most stunning Tower views and an opportunity to see London Bridge (which many mistakenly think Tower Bridge is) further down the Thames. To the south of the bridge is Butler’s Wharf, an area that is a bit sexy with many eateries.

For the best value for your time, particularly during the summer when it is crowded, buy tickets to the Tower of London Entrance Tickets that include The Crown Jewels and Beefeater Tour ahead of time to avoid the lines at the ticket offices. This ticket is guaranteed the cheapest cost, helps avoid crowds and reduces your time and hassle.

South Bank

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

An ideal method to gain perspective and enjoy a variety of attractions while you’re there is to walk west-to-east across the south shore of the Thames. The stop at Westminster tube will take you just a few feet from Big Ben (officially Elizabeth Tower). From there, walk across Westminster Bridge for stellar views of the impressive houses of Parliament.

South Bank offers a roll of iconic top drawers and entertainers and is an excellent option if you’re travelling with children. Even though it’s undoubtedly touristy, a spin around the London Eye is an absolute must for every first-time visit to the capital. The massive wheel takes around 30 minutes to complete one full circle. Its height of 1,35m offers stunning views of famous landmarks from its glass capsules. Make sure to reserve tickets before the time of your visit to avoid lines.

Along the South Bank, you’ll find some of the city’s most popular attractions, such as the Southbank CentreTate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and views of the river across up to St Paul’s Cathedral as well as London’s Tower of London and the towering buildings in The City.

Deviation: Take breaks at Borough Market near London Bridge, where there are eateries, pubs, restaurants and bakery stalls and gourmet food stalls.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

Nothing screams “London” more strongly than the tower that measures 318 feet and houses the massive clock and its bell that is resoundingly called Big Ben. It’s as famous a landmark as Tower Bridge, and Big Ben’s ringing is known worldwide as the signal for the time for the BBC.

In the distance below it, across the Thames, are the Houses of Parliament which have been the seat of British administration for many years and was once Westminster Palace, the former royal residence. Westminster Palace was occupied by William the Conqueror.

The best view is enjoyed when walking across Westminster Bridge and looking back. You can also turn left when you cross the bridge and follow the path to the Sea Life London Aquarium (a fun place to take your kids). Bring your friends in front of the wall for a fantastic photo and Big Ben in the background.

The tours of the parliament’s buildings provide a unique opportunity to witness live discussions and lively political debates. The view from Parliament Square, Whitehall is lined with so several government buildings that the name is now an emblem of Whitehall, the name of the British government.

Official site:

South Kensington’s museums

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

Three world-class museums are just a few steps from them in this affluent area, with their impressive structures a great complement to the splendors within. With seven levels of interactive, educational, and captivating exhibits, the enthralling collection of The Science Museum mesmerizes adults and children alike.

It’s possible to stay for days in the enormous Victoria & Albert Museum, which houses the most extensive collection of decorative arts and be awed by the variety and depth. With its roaring, animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex and enthralling exhibits about the earth’s surface, unique Darwin Centre and architecture straight from the pages of a Gothic fairytale,

The Natural History Museum is a fantastic work of creative curatorial genius. The museum begins by visiting Hintze Hall, where a diving blue-whale skull hangs in the air from the top of the building.

Local advice: To see a more exciting side and mix with other Londoners, check ahead to find out if any “Lates” is on when museums open their doors until late and provide music and food in conjunction with the exhibitions. Sometimes, there are sleepovers known as Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the best places to visit in London. The Victoria and Albert Museum (aka the V&A) is part of the South Kensington-based collection of museums, including The Natural History Museum and Science Museum. It was founded in 1852. V&A is spread across nearly 13 acres and has 145 galleries that span more than 5,000 years of art and other artifacts.

Exhibits cover ceramics, glass, textiles, costumes, silver and jewelry ironwork, sculpture prints and photographs, and are conveniently arranged in four major groups: Asia; Furniture, Textiles and the Fashion industry; Sculpture; Ceramics, Metalwork and glass; and the Word and Image.

It isn’t easy to explore this massive museum in one visit The best way to conquer it is to determine beforehand which areas you’d most like to explore. A V&A excursion is strongly recommended and generally cost-free and includes all kinds of tours, from daily beginning tours to particular galleries or themed tours.

It is Main and The Garden Cafesare superior to any other restaurant you’ve visited in the museum. The intricate detail of everything, from the floors to columns and ceilings, make these art pieces worthy of a museum by themselves. The food, too, is delicious.

Don’t forget to take advantage of an opportunity to soak at this John Madejski Garden that is so stunning and peaceful that you’ll never realize you’re located in One of the planet’s biggest cities.

If you’re nearby, check into one of the exciting “Friday Late” programs held on Friday, which is the last day of the month (except for March and December). They are well-known for their delicious food and drink occasions and openings for late-night exhibitions.

The address: Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, London

Official site:

Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

Two of London’s most well-known tourist attractions, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, are close to each other and entrance towards Soho, the city’s vibrant theatre and entertainment zone. The stroll between the two is an absolute pleasure, dotted with quirky boutiques, delicious cafes, ice-cream shops and narrow laneways that evoke the past when horses and buggies walked through these streets of history.

Trafalgar Square was erected to commemorate Lord Nelson’s victory over the French and Spanish in Trafalgar during 1805. Nelson’s Column The granite monument that measures 183 feet overlooks Trafalgar Square’s fountains and bronze reliefs made using French cannons. Admiralty Arch, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, and the National Gallery surround the square.

Piccadilly Circus marks the irregular intersection of four busy streets, including Piccadilly, Regent, Haymarket, and Shaftesbury Avenue – and just beyond this rather messy snarl is the most well-known London sculpture The Eros, a winged Eros delicately sitting on one foot, with the bow in a stance. “It’s similar to Piccadilly Circus” is a famous phrase used to describe a bustling and complicated scene.

Watch the guards change at Buckingham Palace 

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

A visit to the capital could be complete without looking at what the Royals are doing. The easiest way to experience some of the sovereign’s ceremonies is to catch the Changing of the Guard. It’s the time-worn ritual of the iconic bearskin-adorned regiments switching shifts at Buckingham Palace.

Be sure to arrive early for a great perspective (it begins at 11 am, and it’s suggested to get there before 10:15 unless you are taller than average). If you’re in the mood for more, you can visit the palace between July and the month of October (the State Rooms will not be open to the public until 2022 due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II).

The palace was built in 1703 by Buckingham, the Duke of Buckingham and then bought by King George III. Buckingham Palace is the Buckingham Palace of the Royal Family’s London residence since 1837 when Queen Victoria moved in. Visitors on tour can look at the State Rooms, only 19.3 of Buckingham Palace’s 7,75 rooms and explore the magnificent gardens.

The O2

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit LondonBeautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

The O2 is one of the best places to visit in London. The O2 Arena was first constructed in the renaissance festivity under ‘the Millennium Dome.’ It formerly acted as an exhibition center with colourful shows and hands-on conditioning aimed primarily at children.

The moment is a premier destination for live music and stage shows, hosting the biggest names in entertainment regularly. It also houses a cinema, colourful bars, and cafes featuring cookeries from around the world.

The O2 is an ideal spot to ride out with companions. However, try climbing to the top of the O2, If you’re seeking some adventure. On these guided walks, you can climb along the path to the roof, where you’ll substantiate beautiful views of the megacity. Latterly, take the Emirates Air Line across the water. The Air Line is a string auto link offering an instigative and unique view of the megacity.

Top rated( most reserved) stint Climb The Roof of The O2 Arena
Another great way to explore the escapism of London is this ultimate-rated London cantina Bottleneck and Escapism Tour

Tate Britain and Tate Modern

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

Art Suckers can not visit London without travelling to its most emotional art galleries, the two Tates. Located on contrary sides of the Thames are Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Comprising one of the world’s most important art collections, the original gallery opened in 1897 as the base of a public collection of influential British art. It continued to make accessions, demanding additional space to display its collections.

The result was the establishment of Tate Britain, Millbank on the north side of the Thames, as home to its endless collection of major British oils. A superbly converted power station across the Thames came home to the ultramodern art collections.

Art suckers can spend a whole day viewing both spots, accessibly connected by high-speed ferry. More still, walk across the Millennium Bridge, a footbridge that connects the two banks of the swash close to the Tate Modern. The views are spectacular.

National Gallery

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in London, Travel to London, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit London

National Gallery is one of the best places to visit in London. Visiting London without catching regard for the emotional National Gallery is nearly insolvable. This iconic, columned gallery is set at the edge of Trafalgar Square, home to inconceivable masterpieces that make it one of the stylish lodestones in London.

Ranking among the top art galleries in the world, London’s National Gallery represents a nearly complete check of European oil from 1260 until 1920. The gallery’s topmost strengths are its collections of Dutch Masters and Italian seminaries of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Among its highlights are a cartoon(preliminary sketch) of the Madonna and Child by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo’s The Burial, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and The Water- Lily Pond by Monet.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Victoria and Albert Museum is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list of Best Places to Visit in London.

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