Best Places to Visit in Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Glasgow? Are you thinking of a trip to Europe and wondering what to explore in Glasgow? We’ve got you covered. The city on The River Clyde, Glasgow, has changed from an industrial town to Scotland’s centre of culture and has a wealth of museums and music venues, art galleries and festivals.

The city’s Gaelic name, which translates to “lovely green area,” is apt, considering the city’s more than 70 open parks. Music lovers of every kind can find plenty to enjoy in Glasgow, also known as Scotland’s capital city of music, with places like The Theatre Royal (home of the Scottish Opera) and the Concert Hall (home of the Royal Scottish Orchestra).

Some of the most significant cultural events include important cultural events include the Celtic Connections Music Festival and the Gourock Highland Games, as well as an active sports town that is home to two league-leading football (soccer) clubs as well as the rugby team.

One of Glasgow’s most popular tourist attractions is its connection to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the founder of Glasgow’s Glasgow School of Art, which was a vital factor in the Arts & Crafts Movement. Museums, buildings and even a graveyard include his and his collaborators and their works. To find out more about these and other things to do, keep an eye on our most popular attractions in Glasgow, Scotland.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of the best places to visit in Glasgow. The vibrant entertainment and shopping hub that is Sauchiehall Street, currently almost wholly dedicated to pedestrians, runs greater than 1.5 miles in length and has the most extensive selection of stores in all the cities.

Sauchiehall Street ends at Argyle Street, located in the town’s West End. This area is trendy with cafes-restaurant, restaurants, luxury stores, luxury hotels and perhaps the most important, the magnificent Kelvingrove art gallery and Museum.

The Museum was opened in the year 1901. the Museum is home to a stunning collection of British and continental art that includes such treasures as Van Gogh’s portrait of Glaswegian collection of artists Alexander Reid and Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross.

A remarkable collection of galleries showcases The Glasgow School of Art and its most well-known persona, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, complete set-up rooms, ceramics furniture, metalwork, and other artefacts. Scottish archaeological discoveries include bronze-age tools and jewellery from Arran, Kintyre, and Glenluce.

Other items of interest include armour and weapons, crossbows, helmets and swords of the 16th and 15th centuries, Flemish tapestries, jewellery made in Glasgow and silverware, glassware and ceramics from different periods.

Address: Argyle Street, Glasgow

Official site:

University of Glasgow

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Visit this campus, one of the U.K.’s oldest universities, and fuel your thirst for knowledge in its lecture halls, museums and historical structures. Interact with students and academics as you walk through these halls of the Glasgow’s University of Glasgow.

You don’t need to be enrolled to take in the historical sights of Scotland’s second oldest college or to take part in the lectures and concerts that the University holds. Visit the Gilmore hill Campus in the west part of the city to see the most famous sights.

Explore the University, which was founded in 1451. It was at the forefront of intellectual developments and had many alums, including physicists Lord Kelvin and economist Adam Smith. It was in the year 1881 that the school established electricity and fully lit buildings on campus. Fifteen years later, a graduate created the first worldwide department for X-rays.

Enjoy a guided tour led by current students who will teach you about the rich history of these stunning stone structures. Explore the cloisters with their rich history and follow the steps of the most important British scientists.

Visit Scotland’s most famous museum for public viewing, The Hunterian and its adjacent art gallery. Explore the fossils and bizarre items from Dr. William Hunter’s archive. You can also discover more about paleontology and archaeology. Hunterian Art Gallery contains several pieces by James Whistler and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, along with artworks from Rubens, Rembrandt and others.

The other main museum within this University’s the Zoology museum. It’s which is a separate element of Hunterian, which is housed inside the Graham Kerr Building. You can meet both small and giant creatures in the museum’s exhibits. The museum includes displays of live animals, mostly reptiles.
Take in the lively atmosphere in some coffee shops across the campus.

You can also take your picnic to the nearby Kelvingrove Park. The beautiful gardens are situated in front of the massive Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the massive structure that has 22 galleries and displays that span Scotland’s rich history of culture.

You can find the main campus that is part of The University of Glasgow near the Hillhead Underground Station, about 15 minutes away from Partick Station. Tours scheduled for the week are held every day from Thursday to Sunday. Private tours can be arranged through the arrangement.

Glasgow Cathedral

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

The city’s most important historic structure is the 12th-century Glasgow Cathedral, also referred to as St. Mungo Cathedral or the High Kirk of Glasgow. It appears to come from many moulds from both the in and out. The lines are straight, and there’s not a lot of decoration. From the south transept is the Blacader Aisle, named after the first bishop of Glasgow.

The largest room of the cathedral is the crypt. It houses the remains of Saint. Mungo, a founder of the episcopate, was burial around AD 603. Even though a trip to Glasgow’s cathedral has been seen as one of the best things to do for free in Glasgow and beyond, donations are always appreciated. Tours with guides are also available at no cost.

Nearby is The St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, which focuses on the world’s religions, their rituals, and how their beliefs address the issue of death and life. The exhibits include Egyptian Mummies, Hindu statues, and an enlightened Zen Buddhist garden in the courtyard.

Address: Castle Street, Glasgow

Official site:

Glasgow School of Art

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

Mackintosh’s Art Academy is essential viewing for those who appreciate exquisite architecture. Built in 1909, the Art Academy was completed. Art Nouveau, The building, affirmed the fame of design guru Charles Mackintosh, not just for his mastery of the exterior-the magnificent west facade is highlighted by three 65-foot high Oriel windows, while the windows that are smaller on the east side have a resemblance to Scottish castles, but also as an excellent interior designer.

The most well-known rooms are the Principal’s Room, one of Mackintosh’s first “White Rooms,” The Mackintosh Room, where the annual sessions are held at the Academy of Art and the unique Library along with the Gallery. The tours are led by students and explore the work of Mackintosh and his influence, including exhibitions of his furniture and other pieces.

Address: 167 Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Official site:

Riverside Museum and Tall Ship

Riverside Museum and Tall Ship is one of the best places to visit in Glasgow. Glasgow’s modern, award-winning Riverside Museum includes many of the exhibits of Glasgow’s earlier Transport Museum, including model locomotives, ships trams, old automobiles, and carriages drawn by horses. The majority of the displays are built in Glasgow.

Significant reconstruction of a 1938 Glasgow street is now part of the exhibits, as in presentations about the effects of immigration and disasters, including Sinking the Lusitania. The Tall Ship at Riverside is also located just outside the dock, offering visitors the chance to visit this magnificent Glenlee, an old barque built in Glasgow that is meticulously renovated through the Clyde Maritime Trust. The tours are interesting and informative and sometimes with costumes-clad guides.

Anyone who is who are interested in antiquities and museums must also consider visiting The Glasgow Museums Resource Centre. This unique location is where many Glasgow museums keep their collections when they’re not on display. It’s similar to a visit to Costco. Costco, where there’s nothing available for purchase.

It’s a prominent place with numerous storage spaces stuffed with everything from art and sculptures to weapons and armour, and there are more than 1.5 million objects kept there, which means that you’ll come across something interesting.

Guided tours, exciting lectures, workshops, and programmes geared towards young travellers, are offered.

Address: 100 Pointhouse Road, Glasgow

Official website:

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

These structures that form one of Scotland’s top venues for events are now iconic landmarks along the banks of the River Clyde. The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) has earned itself a famous image for hosting the most critical occasions in the U.K.

The various buildings that make up the centre are recognizable on the riverside, with their modern metal architecture in line with the contemporary waterfront with two fashionable museums. Take a stroll along the shores of River Clyde to admire the distinctive structures or participate in one of the many spectacular events held within.

When the first development started on the SECC towards the end of the 70s, it was a ruined dockyard. Following the first concert at the new venue that was staged in 1985 location continues to grow by adding an auditorium, a hotel, and a stadium for shows. The location is one of the top places in Glasgow’s events and culture.

Visit the site that is the SECC and snap photos of the striking structures. Its croissant-like Clyde Auditorium, referred to in the local press as “the Armadillo,” was created in the style of Norman Foster and had a roof of curving edges. Its SSE Hydro, one of the world’s most famous concert venues, is a transparent shape, and the exterior of the primary SECC structure is entirely made of glass.

Tickets can be purchased for any of the shows or events that are held in this area. Famous artists like U2 have played here, and sporting events, like The Commonwealth Games, have also been held in the multi-purpose zone. Enjoy a night of laughter with popular comedy shows or attend a workshop on crafts inside the central building’s breakout spaces.

Explore further down the Clyde to visit the Riverside Museum, a striking architectural masterpiece featuring an entrance that resembles an elongated sound wave. Inside, the museum is devoted explicitly to the past of transportation and travel, featuring examples of carriages, bikes and boats from the course of time.

The closest thing to SECC SECC is the large, steel Glasgow Science Centre, a museum that features interactive exhibits and a planetarium. The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre is situated near the Exhibition Centre train station, which runs regular services to Glasgow Central. You can drive here and take advantage of the parking metered on-site.

George Square

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

The inhabitants of Glasgow are amazed by their sizeable central place of gathering that is filled with statues and is surrounded by grand structures and eateries. Go to George Square, named after George Square, named after King George III, to stand in the middle of Glasgow.

Explore the statues and sculptures of the early Scotsmen, admire the historic architecture, and dine in fine restaurants. It is also a popular gathering location during big celebrations, like St. Andrew’s Day on November 30th, Christmas carnivals, student fairs, and Hogmanay (New New Year’s Eve).

The place was once a swamp. The late 1700s saw the area turned into private gardens bordered by Georgian townhouses. In the 19th century, it was a square for public use. It is now home to its Tourist Information Centre, so it’s an ideal spot to start your journey around Glasgow. Admire the most famous square structure, the 19th-century building that was part of Glasgow City Chambers.

Glasgow City Chambers to the east. Take a bite or drink in the historic Bank of Scotland, an Italian Renaissance-style structure that currently is a restaurant and a bar. George Square is home to twelve statues of notable people that are part of British culture.

War memorials and sculptures depict Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and James Watt, the world-famous Scottish inventor. The tall central column is a tribute to the poet Sir Walter Scott and underneath it is a sculpture of the poet Robert Burns, who wrote the lyrics to the hit song Auld Lang Syne.

You can often hear live music performed by bagpipers and local bands in George Square. On St. Andrew’s Day and Hogmanay, it is common to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the jubilant locals. Go to the Glasgow City Council website for forthcoming events, including this year’s Commonwealth Games being the central theme for the summer of 2014. Hire a pair of skates and go around the ice rink during the winter.

In the winter months, the square turns into a sparkling fairground. The kids will be able to enjoy the traditional rides, including the big wheel and a carousel. Situated in the middle of Glasgow, George Square is just a short walk from numerous significant attractions, such as The Lighthouse and Gallery of Modern Art. Public buses stop at the square, and Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street train stations are just a few steps from it.

Glasgow Science Centre & Glasgow Tower

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

Glasgow Science Centre & Glasgow Tower is one of the best places to visit in Glasgow. An essential sightseeing experience for families and families, the Glasgow Science Centre is a fantastic way to enjoy time with your loved ones. The centre is situated on the waterfront close to The Riverside Museum. This popular attraction is located in a striking titanium-clad building shaped like the hull of a ship and provides endless fun with hands-on exploration.

The most notable exhibits are technologies, human health and general science principles and a wide range of laboratories where children can try out a few experiments using the new knowledge they have acquired. The other attractions worth visiting are the planetarium, an Imax cinema, and a science theatre that hosts regular talks and seminars.

This is also the home that is home to Glasgow Tower, the tallest structure in Scotland. It rises 127m (417 feet) in height and provides stunning panoramas over Glasgow and its observation deck’s surroundings. What makes this a truly remarkable sight is that the whole structure can rotate in a complete 360 degrees. It was built to withstand winds and is the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

While it’s completely secure, the tower is closed to guests on cold days, as its motion underfoot could be pretty disturbing.

Address: 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow

Official site:

Botanic Gardens

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

Visit the greenhouse and park filled with trees that date back to the past century, take an outdoor picnic, watch a show, or marvel at the architecture of the magnificent glasshouses built in the 19th century. Explore tropical plants, walk on the shores of the River Kelvin, and picnic on the grassy lawns that are bright green at the Scottish Botanic Gardens. Glaswegian Thomas Hopkirk, a botanist, established this garden in the year 1817, with the planting of 3,000 plants.

The gardens were moved to their new location in 1839. It began operations in 1842 as a private garden. The park is now public and has more than half a million people per year. Check the official website at the park website to determine the possibility of the free guided tour or go through the gardens at your own pace. Begin at Kibble Palace. Kibble Palace is the glasshouse that dominates this 42-acre (20-hectare) garden.

Engineer and inventor John Kibble designed the impressive structure in the 1850s for his home and private residence. Visit the glasshouse to view the entire collection of Southern Hemisphere fern trees, statues, and sculptures that include King Robert from Sicily by the renowned Scottish sculpture artist George Henry Paulin. You can find begonias, orchids, and tropical plants within the Main Range houses, which are older Victorian buildings dating from the 1880s. 

Pick up an itinerary for the Heritage Trail inside the Kibble Palace and reserve 2 hours for the entire trail. Explore the 30 historic locations, including bridges and railway stations. Look at the massive black oak and the 200-year-old weeping ash trees at the conservatory. Have an afternoon picnic on the lawns right in front of the glasshouses, or have lunch at the cafe in the garden.

Come on weekends for public events like craft market books fairs, concerts, or book fairs. Visit the website of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens site to see the schedule of shows and other performances in live performances. The Glasgow Botanic Gardens in West End is open daily and closes at dusk. Entry is free, and there are toilets for public use.

The glasshouses, like The Visitor Centre and the Tearoom, are open until mid-morning and typically close earlier than the park’s facilities. The site is about a 40-minute stroll from the city’s center. Hillhead Underground Station Hillhead Underground Station is a five-minute walk from the station, and you can travel by car or bus to the center of town. Street parking is free and metered. It is readily available in the area.

The Tenement House

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Glasgow, Travel to Glasgow, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Glasgow

The Tenement House is one of the best places to visit in Glasgow. This museum is a record that chronicles the daily life of Agnes Toward, a typist who was Glasgow’s sole occupant of the 19th century. The Tenement homes from the century 1911 until the year 1965.

While she lived in residence for more than 50 years, her home was not much different from how she maintained it during the 1920s and was frozen to the present. The home is protected through the National Trust for Scotland. The house was the same as in the 1920s when Agnes resided here.

One of the fascinating things about the apartment is the gas lights that work and the original coal-fired stove in the kitchen from 1892, which comes with a stovetop oven and iron heating racks. The kitchen is equipped with antique kitchenware, cleaning equipment, and a hand-crank wringer.

Every room has original furniture, including beautifully preserved Victorian-era horsehair chairs and a bed box with a piano. The pedal-operated sewing machine is in perfect condition. The collection is unique because Agnes kept a lot of things that the majority of people would be disposed of, providing people the chance to look at those items which are usually not included in the earliest recreations.

Address: 145 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow


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