Best Places to Visit in Dundee (United Kingdom)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Dundee? Are you thinking of a trip to Europe and wondering what to explore in Dundee? We’ve got you covered. Dundee is the fourth-largest city in Scotland and lies along the northern shores of the Firth of Tay, situated at the base of Calgary Hill. The port was once a major one.

The waterfront of the city is well to be seen and has evolved into an important cultural and commercial hub that includes a superb maritime museum, complete with preserved vessels, as well as an educational center.

Dundee is a trendy destination for entertainment as well. As at Dundee’s Old Town center. You can enjoy the city’s dining scene and several fantastic shopping experiences. Dundee is also an excellent area to explore by foot. The highlight of a self-guided walk is the climb up to Dundee Law, an extinct volcano with an elevation of 572 feet, providing stunning perspectives of Dundee and its surroundings.

For more suggestions on activities to enjoy in this beautiful Scottish city, go through our list of the most popular tourist destinations in Dundee, Scotland.

Dundee Science Centre

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Dundee Science Centre is one of the best places to visit in Dundee. Discover the wonders of robotics, visit the planetarium to explore space, and engage all five senses in this exciting and interactive science museum. Discover a wide array of fascinating scientific and interactive exhibits at the Dundee Science Centre.

Formerly called Sensation, the Dundee Science Centre is focused on the five senses and explores perception with hands-on learning activities and entertaining demonstrations. Children will enjoy exploring the exhibits and watching live performances. There’s plenty for adults to discover too.

Learn about the five senses of taste, touch, sound, and sight. Take a trip through a gigantic nose to see the receptors for smell nearby. Participate in a lecture on the workings of ears or go to Roborealm to explore the museum’s collection of robotics and test their artificial intelligence.

Go to the planetarium and see the Looking for Life show or fly across the entire solar system. Children can also enjoy the MindBall exhibit, where they’re asked to move a ball by using their brains. Other exhibits let them “transform” into the form of an ape or discover more about bugs, forensic science, and humans.

Get energized by visiting The Infusion Coffee Shop, which offers snacks, drinks, and meals all day. Sit down with a cup of coffee and relax as your kids explore the new sections of the museums. There’s a gift shop. Dundee Science Centre gift shop is filled with exciting toys, puzzles, gadgets, and books that keep kids engaged for many hours. There are also various musical instruments.

Find out about the calendar of celebrations and events at the center for science when you visit. Take part in this year’s Dundee Science Festival in November or other special events about the senses, natural sciences, and the cosmos.

Dundee Science Centre Dundee Science Centre The Dundee Science Centre is situated near the Nethergate shopping center and Dundee’s train station. It is accessible seven all week. The ticket price covers entry to the museum and everyday talks, performances, and screenings.

Certain events could require an additional charge. Set aside two or three hours to explore the entire science museum. Make use of the metered parking that is available in parking areas on nearby streets.

Historic Tay Rail Bridge

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

If you arrive in Dundee via train, you’ll pass the famous iron bridge that spans the River Tay. The initial two-mile span of Tay Rail Bridge – usually known as”the Tay Bridge – was built between 1872-1878. It transported the railway from Dundee to Edinburgh across the longest bridge in the world.

The bridge collapsed in 1879 following a severe storm that caused a massive accident that saw a training slide into the freezing waters below, burying 75 workers and passengers. The remains of this bridge can still be seen, and a memorial for the victims of the tragedy can be seen on the Dundee waterfront.

In 1887, it was completed to replace its predecessor. The current bridge was constructed over nine years using girders salvaged initially. The bridge is among the most breathtaking train trips. You can also traverse the bridge on foot and stop at two viewing platforms situated on the bridge that offer stunning views of Dundee and The Firth of Tay.

The adjacent Forth Road Bridge is also worth exploring. The bridge is much more recent – it was inaugurated in 1964 – it’s now an excellent attraction for people biking or walking around the city. It also has numerous observation platforms that offer stunning views of the beautiful old neighbor.

HMS Unicorn

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

Another beautifully restored vessel permanently docked in the water is the unique look of HMS Unicorn. It’s just a 10-minute walk to RSS Discovery and looks more like Noah’s Ark than a warship.

This almost 200 years old Royal Navy frigate was equipped with 46 cannons and began operations in 1824. The ship is now situated in Victoria Quay. It’s the oldest and most seaworthy warship located in the British Isles.

The ship’s unique appearance was because this historical vessel was not equipped with masts. Instead, a distinctive roof was constructed to protect the crew and cannons (what appears to be the original roof is it was the roof that initially covered them).

The most notable feature is the stunning white unicorn sporting the royal coat-of-arms cut from Canadian pine displayed on the ship’s bow. There is a shop on board, and tours and educational programs are also available.

Address: Discovery Point, Victoria Dock, Dundee, Scotland

Official site:

Discovery Point

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

Explore the past and experience the heroic journeys of the Antarctic exploratory. Explore multimedia exhibits on a traditional wooden vessel or in floating museums. Go to Discovery Point at Dundee’s city waterfront to witness the triumphs and tribulations of the crew and captain on board the Royal Research Ship Discovery.

This Antarctic exploration vessel was launched in the year 1901. After many years of exploration of the oceans of the polar regions, the RRS Discovery is now the centerpiece of the intriguing Discovery Point museum.

Please look at the stunning three-masted wooden boat moored in a unique docking in Discovery Point, near where it was constructed. The museum experience starts inside the massive octagonal museum located on the shoreline.

Explore the exhibits, and learn about the adventures of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton in the British National Antarctic Expedition, which was completed in 1904. The expedition, also known as The Discovery Expedition, brought groundbreaking research into Antarctic Zoology, biology magnetism, geology, and meteorology to England.

Follow the footsteps of Antarctic explorations with interactive exhibits. Interactive multimedia displays that are computer-driven explain the research and discoveries of the captains Scott and Shackleton and provide details of their experiences. View the audiovisual exhibits and read the incredible tales of these legendary adventurers.

On the dock, walk down the gangway to the decks of the historical RRS Discovery. The ship was meticulously returned to its original condition. Marvel at its design and intricate rigging systems. Ascend to the lower decks and discover what the explorers’ lives were like during their journey.

Discover authentic artifacts from the period, like Captain Scott’s rifle and pipe. Please find out about the games the crew members were playing to keep their minds busy or look at their scientific findings, which include a variety of sea creatures. Watch films and photos detailing the RRS Discovery’s subsequent voyages in the 1920s and 1930s.

Discovery Point and the RRS Discovery are situated on the quays of the River Tay. Admission fees include access to the cruise ship. Discounts are available to families and children. Take advantage of discounted combination tickets to The Verdant Works museum and Glamis Castle for an exciting insight into the history of Dundee.

The central train station in Dundee is located right next to the museum, and the city’s center is just within a short walk from the museum.

Dundee Law

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

Dundee Law is one of the best places to visit in Dundee. You can spot this hilltop, a unique landmark from anywhere inside the city. Take it up for spectacular city views and also a poignant memorial. The law was created by the lava plug of a long-gone volcanic eruption.

Dundee Law is a grassy mountain within the city that has defined the region’s landscape for hundreds of years. This 572-foot (174-meter) law symbolizes the past that spans thousands of years. It is worth climbing to the top and enjoying stunning panoramas of the city and The River Tay.

Take a walk or drive along the rocky road up to the summit of the law. Take a stroll around the grassy summit and then towards the viewing platform for a natural viewing spot. Take a spectacular sunrise and revel in the city’s peace as it emerges from the darkness. Photograph uninterrupted panoramic photos of the shifting perspectives.

View both bridges in Dundee as well as other landmarks. Look out for Sid law Hills in the distance and Fife along with Brought Ferry on the River Tay. If you are visiting later during the day, be sure to watch the bustle of the city further below or wait until evening to view the city lights of Dundee.

Information panels that offer helpful tips to identify landmarks within the panorama view and fascinating archaeological, historical, and ecological details. Find out about the Hill Fort, which was built here in The Iron Age, and graves dated in time to around 1500 B.C. Look at the enormous stones War Memorial erected on the summit in 1925. It is dedicated to all those who perished during both world wars.

The summit has been ecologically protected and is home to an extensive range of native animals and plants such as mosses, trees, fungi, birds, and. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a delicious lunch in the grass while you take in the stunning views.

You can reach Dundee Law in the city center by bus, car, or on foot. You can climb to the top in less than 30 minutes on foot and take in the lush hillside as you walk. It is possible to get windy at the top, so wear appropriate attire. Visiting at any point during the day all year round is legal.

Visit V&A Dundee

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

One of the latest significant attractions in Scotland is the V&A Dundee, unveiled in the most modern of ways in the autumn of 2018. The stunning design was created to look like the cliffs of east Scotland.

Still, it also has the look of the ship (or even whale) from one perspective – the museum is the first in the nation solely dedicated to the latest developments and achievements in Scottish design. Alongside its rotating exhibits, highlight the magnificent Oak Room built initially within Glasgow in 1908 to serve as a tea room, then re-created following its careful dismantling throughout the 1970s.

It is now home to its Scottish Design Gallery, a permanent exhibit that pays tribute to Scotland’s most innovative pioneers and innovative designers and industry. A variety of educational programs are offered.

Admission to the museum is entirely free (yeah! ). This means that you can use your savings at the cafe on-site and restaurant or within the shop for gifts.

Address: 1 Riverside Esplanade, Dundee, Scotland

Official site:

Take a Tour of Glamis Castle

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

The baronial style is distinctively elegant, and Glamis Castle is one of Scotland’s most popular tourist destinations. It is situated just 12 miles north of Dundee. The 17th-century fairy-tale castle is surrounded by parkland and is situated at the end of an extensive line of trees.

The castle is believed to have been built here at least 1,000 years ago, and according to Shakespeare, The castle was the location where Macbeth killed and killed King Duncan. It is also believed to be haunted and an enjoyable way to learn more about the various myths of vampires and ghosts in the castle by taking one of their intriguing ghost tours.

The castle houses many delicate art objects like tapestries, furniture, Chinese porcelain, antique weapons, paintings, and pictures from Elizabeth I. Perhaps the most striking element of the Victorian Dining Room is the stunning fireplace, which has a heraldic oak centerpiece bearing the arms of 12th Earl Strathmore. Also, make sure you look up at the ceiling of the room embellished in Scottish themselves, English blooms, and Lions.

The castle’s entrance is through a pleasant 50-minute tour, and you can stay longer on the grounds and in the castle’s restaurant and cafe. If you’re visiting during winter, make sure you take a look at the castle’s famous Christmas Market. It is also worth looking into staying on-site at any of the castle’s luxurious accommodation options.

If you want to make sure that they make the most of their visit to the magnificent castle, consider participating in an organized tour. A tour that is the most sought-after tours options is the one-hour personal tour to Glamis Castle. The popular tour includes an excursion to the RRS Discovery and the beautiful breathtaking drive up to the castle, including hotel pickup and drop-off.

Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum is one of the best places to visit in Dundee. It is housed in a beautiful Victorian building in the city’s central area. The McManus Museum of Art and Museum is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable free activities in Dundee.

The McManus houses an impressive collection of works of 19th and 20th-century European masters and famous local artists, such as James MacIntosh Patrick. Additionally, there are local history displays from prehistoric times until today. The department’s archaeological collection contains interesting artifacts dating back to ancient Egypt.

The Dundee Natural History Collection is present and focuses on the fauna that inhabits the Lowlands and Highlands and includes exhibits that explore the themes of nature and environment. A café with a relaxing outdoor patio is popular with residents and tourists alike.

Another place worth visiting is Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA). The bustling art center has two contemporary art galleries, a cinema café, and a shop.

Address: Albert Square, Meadowside, Dundee, Scotland

Official site:

Verdant Works

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

Explore the original industrial artifacts, and discover the personal stories of the barons and the workers who shaped Dundee’s prosperous Victorian-era Jute boom. Verdant Work is a museum in a historic Jute mill once located in the former industrial zone of Blackness. It is dedicated to the city’s flourishing textile industries, which generated enormous wealth in Victorian times. Find out the history of the city built on Jute. Learn about the feats of engineering, manufacturing design, and transportation that shaped Dundee towards the end of the 18th century.

The museum is accessible via an unassuming brick façade, and you’ll be in the world of industrial history. The original mill located in the industrial zone of Dundee is a unique architectural representation of a courtyard mill that is now a heritage site. From 1996 onwards, this meticulously rebuilt museum has been showing the area’s industrial heritage.

Learn about the opposing impacts of jute production on the city’s inhabitants. For many who tried to earn money within the urban environment, the textile industry was characterized by long hours, poor health, and the roar of machinery. In the case of others, Jute provided the prosperity and wealth that placed the city on the map and expanded to Broughty Ferry.

Visit the fantastic exhibits and hear the tales of the laborers. Check out Juteopolis, an informative film that explores the significance of Jute in Dundee’s industrial heritage. Observe that restored machines squeak into existence and roar through the factory’s exhibits.

The fascinating multimedia exhibits depict the lifestyle of people working in Dundee around 100 years back. Hands-on, interactive exhibits allow learning to be fun and easy as archives and photographs help make an essential part of the Verdant Works’ history come to life. See period costumes, machines, artifacts, Fine art, and original business documents. Small plans, tools, and jute objects also date back to the period.

Verdant Works is located in Blackness, the industrial district of Dundee. The admission fee includes entry to the museum that is accessible for wheelchairs. You can get discounts for children as well as for tickets that are combined in conjunction with tickets to the Discovery Point museum. The central train station of Dundee is just 15 minutes away. Parking is free on-site. After leaving your visit to the Verdant Works museum, visit the cafe and the store selling Victorian-style gifts.

Head to Scone Palace

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Dundee, Travel to Dundee, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Dundee

Head to Scone Palace is one of the best places to visit in Dundee. Scone Palace is situated just 2.5 miles to the north of Perth, close to the site where near where the Abbey close to where the Abbey Scone was once located and is renowned as the place in which Scottish monarchs were at one time in the past crowned.

In the ninth century, Kenneth MacAlpin chose Scone as the residence of his royal family, which was the site of his Scottish Coronation Stone (the Stone of Scone ). However, in 1297, Edward I took it to Westminster Abbey in London, where it remained until. The central part of this palace was constructed at the start of the 19th century.

It is the home of the Earls Mansfield, and their relatives are depicted in portraits displayed in the Long Gallery. Art treasures on display comprise porcelain, including Meissen, Sevres, and Derby, exquisite Chippendale furniture, and ivory from the 17th and 18th-century carvings.

After visiting the palace, its sprawling gardens, and the 100 acres of parklands. Pop into the cafe on site for a much-deserved indulgence (there’s an extensive retail store). Guided tours are offered.

To have a memorable experience, make sure you check out the luxurious apartment that is available for rent. With the capacity to accommodate up to six guests, This luxurious retreat has three rooms, a kitchen, and the service of an individual chef in the event you need it.

Address: Scone Palace Perth, Scotland

Official site:


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