Best Places to Visit in Armagh (United Kingdom)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Armagh? Are you thinking of a trip to Europe and wondering what to explore in Armagh? We’ve got you covered. Armagh is a city and a county in Northern Ireland. It is home to the Primate in All Ireland for the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland.

The cathedrals of both churches are among the most beautiful places to see within Armagh. The city is the spiritual capital of Ireland and is also the home of the archbishops of Armagh. There are some smaller and large churches as well as chapels.

The ones in pastors who are not within the city are worthy of a visit. During your stay in Armagh City, other exciting activities include visiting history museums, historic structures, archeological locations, nature trails, abandoned landmark structures, and orchard excursions.

We’ve created a two-day itinerary listed below that focuses on the best things to do at Armagh. When you wander around the town, you’ll see a variety of buildings and homes that display architecture that resembles the Gregorian architectural style.

Many of Armagh’s tourist destinations, like public and religious buildings, also showcase Gregorian architecture. There are variations to this, such as the County Museum, Church of Ireland Cathedral, and Robinson Library.

In addition, the town has been connected to Armagh tourist attractions such as its Observatory which is renowned for 224 years of uninterrupted weather records. The Observatory is also famous for its research into the astronomical sciences and its display of past instruments that pertain to astronomy studies.

Other well-known locations to visit within Armagh are the ancient site ritual of Navan Fort. This archeological site was a significant location for pagan ceremonies during Gaelic Ireland. It was also the home of rulers and the capital of Ulster’s ancient city.

It’s also a sought-after place for Armagh to visit due to its connection with old Irish heroes such as Cuchulainn and the Red Branch Knights. This town also is known for its apple and cider orchards in which the cider is produced.

These are intriguing places to visit within Armagh and buy local items from the farms. Look at the following section to discover Armagh tourist destinations featured in The Game Of Thrones, the cult HBO show about fantasy.

Navan Centre & Fort

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Navan Centre & Fort is one of the best places to visit in Armagh. Navan Centre & Fort is the place where mythology and reality come together. It is among the most well-known and significant archeological sites and is the site of Emain Macha’s legend.

Legends tell us that Macha is the goddess of the past. Fertility and war struck the earth by way of her brooch pin. She sketched out the famed outline of this holy home of hero Cu Chulainn and the site of the famous Red Branch Knights and Ulster Cycle of stories.

Explore life from 2000 years ago when you follow the path of warriors and explore the old Navan Fort, the site of the famous temple of 95BC.

Your guide will describe why and how this magnificent ceremony structure was constructed and highlight the significance of the surrounding locations within Navan. Navan complex. Indulge yourself into Iron Age life as you get to know the local Celtic clan and view their old home! During your stay, you might see the Celts sharing stories of their triumphs in the past, weaving, cooking, or even preparing their weapons to fight.

Armagh Planetarium

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

Take in a stunning show at the digital theater, and look into the depths of the Universe to discover more about what the Universe has to offer. Armagh Planetarium is an informative complex that offers a unique glimpse into the Universe.

It provides a range of interactive shows that explore our planet and the stars, as well as stories and facts regarding space. Instruct your children on this interactive, engaging website about the mysteries of the Universe.

Explore the display zones and engage with screens to learn more about the Universe. Visit the Mars room to learn details about the Red Planet. Check out the meteorite of nickel-iron, which is among the largest found in Ireland and is dated back 4.5 billion years.

Explore the models in the scale of satellites and probes that orbit around Earth and iconic objects like the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. One of the highlights includes The Digital Theatre, which plays films that provide a fascinating tour through the night sky and the constellations. The theater’s modern sound and lighting systems.

Visit the Astropark and stroll along an enlarged model of our Universe. Marvel at the vast distances between the planets of our solar system. Then, explore further in the Milky Way. Explore the many items and souvenirs from the store.

Purchase frozen-dried astronaut Ice cream for your entire family to take pleasure in. The next door is The Armagh Observatory, which has outdoor scale models, which include an orrery of a human, which illustrates the space-time position of the orbiting bodies.

The facility is open Monday through Saturday from the morning until late in the afternoon. There is a cost for shows, with discounts for children. Certain shows are free; however, they must be booked in advance.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is a 19th-century church icon situated in the countryside of Armagh. Set on a green hill, the church, and its towering twin spires, rise over the city. Discover the church’s intriguing collection of historical relics, and explore stone carvings that go back to the ages of thousands of years.

The steps climb up to the church on the hill’s highest point. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking perspectives of the city as well as the lush countryside. Admire the cathedral and marvel at the cathedral’s Gothic Revival design.

It was built during the Great Famine in Ireland and halted construction for several years. The issue, along with other factors, caused a delay in construction to be completed for nearly 65 years. The building was finally completed in 1904.

Through the comprehensive portal, enter the nave, which is narrow and tall. Arches and columns run along the sides. Look at the pipe organ from the 19th century built by the well-known builder William Telford. The organ was later renovated and revamped with a lot of French styles. French style.
Enjoy the choir’s music in an evening service at church every Sunday. Participate in a concert or another service in the church.

Book a guided tour in advance to learn more about the cathedral and the treasures it holds. Explore the tales of the Book of Armagh on the lower east section of stained glass windows. The windows depict an account of St. Patrick, who is believed to have spared the life of the deer and its fowl.

Examine the stained-glass windows that tell stories of the Bible and take note of the intricate mosaics inside the church. Peruse the store to find souvenirs, exciting books, and other accessories.
Go to The Anglican Sister Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, in Dublin. It is located in the city’s central area. The two churches have different practices in their religion. However, they have friendly relations.

The church is open to the public to enter the church for free. The shop is available from the morning until late the in the afternoon. It is open later on Sundays.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is located in the northwestern region of Armagh. It’s just a 0.4-mile (0.6-kilometer) walk northwest of the Anglican counterpart. Take a break in adjacent Abbey Park and stroll through the charming countryside.

St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

St. Patrick’s Anglican Cathedral is the core of the Church of Ireland, a vital structure that sits on top of an uphill in Armagh. It’s the opposite of the nearby St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral and has a close relationship.

Take a stroll through the cathedral’s gardens and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere on a bright day. Look up at the belfry with eight bells. The church was built on this spot in the 5th century. Take note of the devotion of the parishioners to rebuild churches more than 12 times following the destruction caused by natural and human causes.

In the church, take note of the sculptures on the interior walls. In front of the entrance are the remains of a Roubiliac statue and an 11th-century Celtic cross. You can sit on a wooden pew and look at these stained-glass windows. These windows represent Biblical moments like the birth of Jesus, his baptism, the transfiguration, and the resurrection of Jesus.

Enjoy a walk on the red carpet in the Chapter Room. On the western end of the nave, you can admire the statues of archbishops. The eastern side is home to copies of the classic Book of Kells and the Book of Armagh. Visit the Centre for Celtic Spirituality for its regularly scheduled talks on religious history. Bring your children to an art class.

When you’re in the area, take a tour of No. 5 Vicars’ Hill. It was which was a residence built in 1772. Take a stroll through its octagonal spaces that housed cathedral records. It’s now a museum that houses ancient jewelry, coins, and objects. The nearby Armagh Public library one of Ireland’s most renowned libraries. Explore its manuscripts, maps, and an extensive collection of books. Archbishop Robinson created the Armagh Public Library in 1771.

Go to St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral on any day from morning until late afternoon. The entrance cost is $5, which includes concessions for families and students. Kids enter for free. Plan a group tour with the cathedral’s steward, and pay a small fee per person. Before your visit, you may also enjoy an online time inside the church on the cathedral’s official website.

St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral is in the middle of the town. It is close to a huge shopping center to the east and The Market Place Theatre Arts Centre. This church forms part of the Robinson Trail, highlighting the city’s landmarks.

Palace Demesne

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

Palace Demesne is one of the best places to visit in Armagh. The Palace Demesne is a scenic, historic park just a brief stroll from the city’s center. The palace was built together with an archbishop’s residence in the latter part of the 18th century.

During this time, the Church of Ireland’s leadership returned to Armagh after centuries of absence. The Palace Demesne to marvel at its regal architectural style and wander around its garden and grounds.

When Richard Robinson was elected archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland in 1765, Richard Robinson decided to revitalize the city’s condition with an array of significant construction projects. Visit the palace he built in the Demesne. The neoclassical beauty was home to the Church of Ireland’s archbishops starting in 1770. It was transformed into a building for the government in 1975.

Enter the building to see an exhibition of local artwork. Visit the palace’s former stables, which were transformed into a museum. In summer, you can join the living history guide tour that explains the palace’s history, in which guides dressed in Georgian costumes bring the 18th-century Demesne’s past to life.

The Demesne is traversed by walking trails that vary in difficulty and distance. Plan your route or relax in the lush greenery and enjoy the elegant arrangement of trees and flowers.

To experience a more active excursion around the park, you can join the parkrun, a timed event held on Saturdays in the mornings. The event is free, but advance registration is required. Parents of children are also welcome to take advantage of the playground on site.

Explore The Garden of the Senses for a unique experience for disabled and non-disabled visitors. Explore the garden’s winding paths between five different floral displays, each offering different sensory experiences.

Visit the north-facing side of the park, and you will see the ruins of the Franciscan Friary in the 13th century that was destroyed after the dissolution of Henry VIII of monasteries.

Palace Demesne is located just to the south of town. It is 15 minutes from the bus stop or close to the Armagh County Museum and other locations. Follow the heritage brown signs to the park. You can park your car free and have the freedom to wander. Admission is free all year long.

Armagh Robinson Library

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

Armagh Robinson Library (formerly Armagh Public Library) is one of Ireland’s most storied libraries. Most of its collections date longer than the stunning historic building that houses the library. When you enter the library, you’ll discover literary heaven with bookcases that extend to the roof’s high ceilings. Apart from these literary treasures, The library has an array of interesting historical objects.

Be sure to stop and take in this beautiful Georgian structure from the outside before you step inside. The library was founded in 1771 by Archbishop Richard Robinson, and today his collection of 17th and 18th-century books is a major draw in this area. Find the Greek inscribed above the library’s entrance. It gives a glimpse of the archbishop’s vision of the library. The inscription is translated as “the healing place of the soul.”

Visit the library to relax in the peace and tranquility provided by this lovely space. Spend some time looking through the bookshelves or relax and read. Explore the unique artifacts housed in glass cases all around the building. Check out the markings and notes left behind on the books by Jonathan Swift himself on the library’s initial edition of Gulliver’s Journeys, dated 28 October 1726. Explore the other novels of historic significance displayed here, including The Decalogi De Praeceptis, written by John Gerson and printed in 1488.

The library’s collection is not only limited to books. Discover everything from old maps to rare coins here, as in archeological artifacts like the arrowheads and axes of Ireland’s past.

Visit the Armagh Robinson Library for free. However, remember that donations are welcome. The library is open from Monday through Friday, aside from bank holidays. Special events take place here often. Be sure to check ahead to see if there’s anything that will grab your attention or that of your children. No location is more likely to encourage the love of reading.

Slieve Gullion Scenic Drive

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

I’ll need to write another, more comprehensive guide for the Slieve Gullion Drive, as it truly is one of my favorite routes in Ireland. I’ve been on this trip thrice in the last couple of years and am eager to return.

The Slieve Gullion Drive treats you with a stunning view. It isn’t easy to be able even to describe it in words. If you visit Slieve Gullion Forest Park, you will be amazed by the seemingly endless peace of trails through the forest, with breathtaking views of the Ring of Gullion, the Mourne Mountains, and the Cooley Peninsula.

Traveler tip: If you want to see patchwork-like green fields like those you can see while traveling to Ireland on clear days, go to Slieve Guillion Forest. It’s UNREAL!

No 5 Vicars’ Hill

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

No 5 Vicars’ Hill is one of the best places to visit in Armagh. No 5 Vicars’ Hill might appear to be a simple residence on the outside. However, the vast collection inside is an interesting glimpse into the past. Explore the rows of Georgian homes known as Vicars Hill, built by the 18th-century archbishop Richard Robinson.

Go to No 5 Vicars’ Hill to see an extensive collection of past artifacts ranging from Neolithic stone tools to early modern medals and prints. The property, formerly an official diocesan register, was later converted into a residence and made accessible in the open to visitors through Armagh Robinson Library in 2011. Armagh Robinson Library in 2011.

Enjoy its original interior highlights as you browse the library’s diverse collection. Although the diocesan records are mostly deleted, advice is provided to those who want to dig deeper into the registry archives.

Every major period in Irish or European history is included in the collection of the Museum. Explore antiquated Roman Coins, Bronze Age weapons, and an assortment of early Christian artifacts that Archbishop Gervais Beresford. Study the 5th century Armagh Ogham Stone, inscribed with parallel lines from an alphabet from the oldest recognized Irish language.

The Armagh Robinson Library holds an impressive collection of more than 3,500 prints. Find the highlights displayed that include prints of the art of William Hogarth. Enjoy the artistic talent of James Tassie’s engraved gemstones and the rare casts of medals that were commissioned to Louis XIV to commemorate his reign.

Explore the rich history of Armagh. Apart from a selection of documents that were once kept at the register, the Museum houses an array of maps from the past and information panels about the city’s growth and archbishops. Go to the Robinson Room to see a 3D representation that shows the entire city.
Find the Vicars’ Hill, opposite St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral. It’s just a short stroll to the Armagh Robinson Library. The hours of operation change according to the season, so check before your visit. It is not cost to visit; however, donations are appreciated.

Guided tours are offered at the cost of a small amount. Take your children for a fun experience with interactive exhibits like the writing process in Ogham script or solving jigsaws made of prints that were once printed.

Armagh County Museum

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

The museum was established in 1937 and is one of the most renowned county museums in Ireland. It houses artifacts, scale models, and other antiques that pertain to natural history and warfare, politics and archeology, culture, geology, chemistry, and many other subjects.

Learning about the area is also among the top Armagh tourist destinations. You’ll need about two hours to visit the museum.

Visit the historic Armagh Gaol

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Armagh, Travel to Armagh, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Armagh

Visit the historic Armagh Gaol is one of the best places to visit in Armagh. Okay, I’m a bit confused.

The home page on the Armagh Gaol website states that they’re not offering tours right now; however, when you go to the page for booking tours, they’re taking reservations.

Strange. If you’re thinking of visiting, make sure you double-check before making a reservation on the internet. The Armagh Gaol dates back to the 1780s.

It was closed as a prison working in 1986. Since then, it has been targeted for a major renovation. However, the Gaol will likely become established within the next few years.

A visit to the Gaol (if it is running) is running) takes guests to an overview of the Jail’s history, which includes being held by children and women and executions that took place within the grounds.

Notice: If the tour isn’t operating and you’re not happy to go to a Gaol in Belfast, make sure to go to The Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. Please read our guide on the top attractions in Belfast for more information.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Navan Centre & Fort is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list of Best Places to Visit in Armagh.

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