Best Places to Visit in Arizona (United States)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Arizona? Are you thinking of a trip to the South and wondering what to explore in Arizona? We’ve got you covered. Arizona offers breathtaking scenery, vibrant city life, top spas, and warm weather all year round, making it a great place to visit every season.

However, to help you determine the best Arizona locations to plan your time in, U.S. News considered aspects like the number of tourist attractions, the availability of lodging, and the views of regular travelers to select the most popular destinations in Arizona.

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Grand Canyon

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

Grand” isn’t enough to adequately describe the grandeur of this Canyon. It measures 277 river miles and up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep. This vast chasm located in northwestern Arizona can be an absolute natural wonder. Since the beginning of time, it has been awe-inspiring. Grand Canyon has expanded with the aid of the majestic Colorado River.

For centuries, many people have traveled to marvel at the magnificent red and orange beauty. It is managed through the National Park Service and has been officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Canyon leaves its approximately 6 million visitors annually stunned.

However, if you’re looking for the peace of Mother Nature, you should be aware that the Grand Canyon can be very busy. Its South Rim – home to the Grand Canyon Village and the well-worn Bright Angel Trail, is a favorite among visitors and hikers.

On this site, you’ll find the best facilities. If you want to escape crowds, move north to the North Rim. This is where you can enjoy camping in the backwoods and hardcore hiking. Think about taking the helicopter ride to get an incredible experience at the Canyon.

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Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

Vermilion Cliffs National Park’s beautiful rock formations attract tourists from all over the globe. Highlights to be missed include The Wave within Coyote Buttes North and White Pocket in the Paria Canyon.

Remember, however, that both areas need permits for camping and hiking. These permits – available to as few as 20 visitors each day (depending on the size and the kind of trip) from Arizona’s Bureau of Land Management – allow visitors to take advantage of the park without having to rub the shoulders of a swarm of visitors.

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Saguaro National Park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

Tucson is a city in the United States. A tranquil desert surrounds Tucson. It is also one of the very few locations within the United States where you can observe the massive Saguaro in the wild. It is the Saguaro National Park established to preserve and showcase the unique and stunning Cacti.

The park is divided into two parts, with Tucson being the center giving everyone easy access to the town. Saguaros can endure for 200 years, increasing at one inch a year.

The best time to see the saguaro-like chandeliers is in the morning and later in the afternoon when you can see that the Sonoran Desert sun is less violent. The west-facing side of the desert has the highest concentration of Saguaro. However, you should expect more fantastic crowds. There is a possibility of staying in the desert in the eastern part of the park.

Monument Valley

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

If you imagine the iconic southwest USA scenery, you’ll likely think about Monument Valley. The desert landscape, dotted with mesas and buttes, is both famous and gorgeous.

This valley has been designated The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, and, as it is Navajo land, there are some restrictions regarding how you can access the park. There’s a single road and a 17-mile loop called Valley Drive, which you can take yourself on. It takes you through many of the most prominent structures.

Stop by John Wayne Point and take your photo on a horse, looking out at the surrounding landscape just as John Wayne did.

For a more in-depth exploration, go on a backcountry hike with a Navajo guide, discover more about their history and visit other sites. If you’re interested in hiking and exploring, there’s a trail known as the Wildcat Trail – that you can walk on your own. Other hikes will require the help of a Navajo guide.

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Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

Phoenix is a fantastic location to start exploring Arizona. However, the city is also an important location during winter for sun lovers and golfers seeking to relax, stay at a hotel and spa, and enjoy the heat desert.

In the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, which comprises Scottsdale and Mesa, there are great eating, shopping, and golf courses, as well as desert parks that include trails for hiking, cycling trails, campsites, and a few fantastic attractions. Phoenix’s top list of things is those at the Heard Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West.

If you’re planning to spend your time in the region, plenty of fantastic day trips out of Phoenix lead you to historic cliff dwellings, cliffs, mountain towns, and ghost towns. You can even go to The Grand Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

This famous bend in the Colorado River is one of the top places to go in Arizona and is a must-see in the tiny Page town!

When you consider the magnitude of a sensation this beautiful view is, it’s hard to believe that on our first trip to Horseshoe Bend in 2015, it was just a tiny trace on the maps. Horseshoe Bend was free to enter in the early days, and we were among the few visitors there.

Today, everything from a vast parking lot and a trail to the viewing platform was constructed to cater to the many eager tourists to enjoy the view. And it is worthy of all the glory it gets.

Hoover Dam

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

Hoover Dam is one of America’s greatest engineering marvels. The massive structure, completed in 1935, spans the Colorado River, linking Arizona and Nevada. It’s 726 feet in height and 1,244 feet long. Lake Mead, which is held back through Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam is the largest artificial lake in the United States. It measures 110 miles in length and is about the flow for two seasons of the Colorado River. You can walk or drive across the dam for no cost; however, there is a cost for parking.

Another option is to go on the tour of Hoover Dam or the Powerplant. The visitor center has information about the dam and terms and includes an eatery that offers simple food options.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

In its brief and turbulent past, Jerome has seen it in every aspect. It was once a bustling mining town. However, the population began to decline to tumbleweeds that dangled down Main Street. However, the city became a sought-after tourist attraction with plenty that the town’s old streets left.

Today, you can visit antique stores, restaurants, and museums that have restored structures. You can also admire the crumbling facades that remain. Find out more about the story of Jerome’s past in Jerome’s Gold King Mine Museum before visiting the famous Sliding Jail. The first building was constructed on a clay slick and, over time, has moved 2500ft away from the first site.

Havasu Falls

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

Turquoise waterfalls in the lush desert await you in this bucket-list-worthy hike. The beauty and charm that is Havasu Falls are hard to describe, but when a trek of this level is worthwhile, then you’re sure that the reward will fit the bill.

The scenery’s fame and the strenuousness make it necessary for visitors to prepare in advance for the famous trip. Permits must be booked in advance, with the option of staying at Havasupai Lodge or under the stars at the campground next to the waterfalls.

After getting your permit, the hike starts by dropping 1800ft when you reach the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The total distance to the mysterious falls is 10 miles one way.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Arizona, Travel to Arizona, USA, Visit to Arizona

A historical town known for the location of the famous Gunfight that took place at the OK Corral, Tombstone was one of the boom towns. Tombstone was an incredibly rough town that attracted hardy prospectors, aggressive gamblers, and lawless shooters who sought their fortunes in the silver mines.

A popular tourist attraction, Tombstone is a fun destination you can visit during your time in Arizona to find out more about what happened when you can learn how the West became settled. With the old part of town preserved, get a glimpse of the past, wander through its saloons or watch a reenactment that depicts the battle. Because the city is geared toward tourism, there are plenty of inexpensive eateries, restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels in the town.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Havasu Falls is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list about Best Places to Visit in Arizona.

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