Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine (France)

Aquitaine is a region in the south of France home to some of Europe’s most spectacular landscapes and historical sites. Whether you’re looking for picturesque villages, breathtaking mountain ranges, or UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these are the places you need to add to your bucket list! Located in southwestern France, Aquitaine is one of the most diverse regions in France.

It boasts long ocean beaches, beautiful landscapes, and the famous cities of Biarritz and Bordeaux. There are several old villages, medieval castles, and beautiful wooded valleys in the countryside. This makes it a versatile region that has the potential to capture anyone’s imagination in many different ways.

Moreover, there are so many things to do and so much to see in Aquitaine that it is a place that every travel enthusiast should visit. Our recommendation for the best things to do in Aquitaine, France, is to visit these attractions as your priority attractions for a fulfilling and memorable trip.


Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Bordeaux is one of the best places to visit in Aquitaine. Welcome to Traveler Heavens! Today we are exploring the beautiful city of Bordeaux, France. With its stunning architecture, gourmet cuisine, and vibrant culture, Bordeaux is a destination that truly has something for everyone. Bordeaux is a charming city located in the southwestern region of France.

It’s known as the “Wine Capital of the World” thanks to its countless vineyards, producing some of the best wines in the world. Its mild climate and stunning landscapes make it a popular destination for tourists. The city is home to several attractions, from the magnificent Place de la Bourse to the bustling Rue Sainte-Catherine, to the stunning La Cite du Vin – a museum dedicated to the history of wine.

There’s also a wide selection of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, from traditional French to Asian fusion. And, of course, no visit to Bordeaux would be complete without indulging in some of its world-famous wines. The city’s many wine-tasting experiences offer visitors a chance to sample some of the best wines in the world. There’s more to Bordeaux than just its wines.

The city has a vibrant cultural scene, with several festivals and events throughout the year. From music and film festivals to sports events and art exhibitions, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

Porte Cailhau

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Built-in 1495, this Gothic revival 35-meter tall city gate was built to commemorate King Charles VIII’s victory at Fornovo during the Italian War of 1494. At the time, it was the main entry point to Bordeaux from the port. The gate faces Place du Palais and features numerous ornamental sculptures and towers, typical for architecture built under the reign of Charles VIII.

The monarch wanted this gate to showcase his power and affluence. The entrance, which was once part of the Bordeaux city wall, later became a defensive tower (the multitude of portcullises, murder holes, and machicolation features are there to prove that), as well as a salt scale and storehouse.

The top floor has an exhibition on the tools and materials used in the construction of the tower as well as the urban development of Bordeaux. One can see the old town center, the Garonne River, and the Pont de Pierre Bridge from the top floor.

Place de la Bourse

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Place de la Bourse, an exquisite riverside square in Bordeaux. Built in the mid-18th century, the court and its beautiful neoclassical buildings, a superb design by King Louis XV’s architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, reflect the regal power of the time. Gaze at the perfectly symmetrical square, enclosing the grandeur of the two palaces framing it, and marvel at the beautiful Fountain of the Three Graces that stands at its center.

Enjoy the beauty of this photogenic square, still exuding the same air of power and elegance it did in its heyday. There are few more beautiful places in the world than the Square of the Wallet, which UNESCO recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2007. The Palais de la Bourse is located on this square, a chamber of commerce building with a shopping mall inside.

The beautiful fountain there is called the “Fountain of Three Graces.” The hall also contains a conference center. Take a trip to the Customs Museum to learn about the role of customs in French history. The museum also offers free visitor booklets and audio guides, making it easy to self-guide your tour! You can also see the palace and square lit up at night, with lights reflected prettily in the Miroir d’Eau finishing touch.

Along Place de la Bourse, you’ll find tram stops for those who visit during non-holiday seasons. The Customs Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Admission is free, but an entry fee is required for adults.

Grand Theater Opera National of Bordeaux

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Behold the remarkable Grand Theater of Bordeaux, the French architectural marvel and home of the Bordeaux National Opera. This 18th-century structure, amongst the city of Bordeaux’s many historic stone buildings, is remarkable for its significant presence, marked by a line of statues of classical mythical figures and a rank of grand Corinthian stone pillars. Come and tour this great possession and witness its marvelous performances.

Enter the theater and be astounded by the magnificent interior detailing and the royal décor of blue, white, and gold. Climb the grand stone staircase like the Paris opera house, both designed by the same person. Take in the regal surroundings as the same amount of space has been allotted to the foyer and staircase as the auditorium for showcasing performances during 18th and 19th-century high society.

Enjoy the majestic view as you take in the atmosphere of the theater. Discover the grandeur of the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux, located in the historic city center near the riverfront walk. Enter its auditorium, and you will be immediately awe-struck by its size, which spans three levels of open balcony seating and has the capacity for 1,450 people.

Adorned with a spectacular painted ceiling and a magnificent 400-light-bulb-crafted Bohemian crystal chandelier weighing 1.3 tons (1.2 metric tons), the theater is one of the most beautiful in the world. Also, experience the incredible acoustics provided by the extensive use of wood, granting warmth to sound during performances. When not in use, the theater is open to the public most Wednesdays and Saturdays, while its shop is available Tuesday to Saturday. Make a reservation in advance to secure your ticket.

Architecture of Bonaguil Castle

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Architecture of Bonaguil Castle is one of the best places to visit in Aquitaine. Welcome to Traveler Heavens! We’re here to bring you the best in architectural marvels worldwide. Today we’re featuring the stunning Bonaguil Castle in France. Located in Lot-et-Garonne in southwestern France, Bonaguil Castle is a must-see for anyone interested in French architecture. Built over three different centuries, the castle has two distinct sections – the Keep, the original structure, and the New Castle, which was built in the 15th century.

The castle’s immense size and grandeur are only part of its allure. Its architecture is unique and breathtaking. The court is set atop a high hill surrounded by five round towers. Its walls are solid and thick, with various openings and windows. The castle is also home to many sculptures, frescoes, and furniture that all combine to give the court an aura of elegance.

The entrance is grand, with a long stairway leading up to a terrace. You can enter the castle, where you’ll find a great hall, a chapel, and several bedrooms and living quarters. The court is also home to some magical secrets. According to legend, the castle has strong magical powers. It’s been said that the castle was built to protect a magical treasure and that anyone who enters it is blessed with good luck.

Bonaguil Castle should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for a magical getaway. Its architecture, history, and magical aura will captivate any traveler. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or a place to explore the history of French architecture, Bonaguil Castle is the perfect place to visit.

Place des Quinconces

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Festivals, concerts, markets, and monuments to famous writers are held in this plaza, the largest in France. Place des Quinconces spans 30 acres (120,000 square meters) across Bordeaux’s center. View the adjacent Garonne River as you explore the tree-lined square and admire its monuments. View the adjacent Garonne River as you stroll through the plaza. On the site once stood the Château Trompette, a mighty fortification built to protect Bordeaux that was destroyed in the early 19th century.

A statue representing Liberty stands atop the Girondins Monument, flanked by two dramatic fountains. The monument honors the Girondins, a political group that helped found the National Assembly during the French Revolution but was later executed. The statues at the base of the column represent Bordeaux, the Garonne River, and the Dordogne region.

Observe the detailed bronze fountains near the monument. The fountains each represent a different theme, with one celebrating family and another representing brotherhood. In Bordeaux, you can visit some of the most important historical places in France. Place des Quinconces is one such place on the edge of the quarter. It’s where famous writers Montesquieu and Montaigne are commemorated in stone statues.

Dancing to classical music at open-air concerts during the Bordeaux Music Festival happening during the Wine Festival in June each year; also a popular venue for hosting big-name stars like Lou Reed and Earth, Wind, and Fire. The square also hosts two large fairs yearly and an annual circus in January.

During your stay in Bordeaux, save some time to visit Fabulous Jean Ferrat’s family home: Musée Granet.
Place des Quinconces is reached by taking buses to Engine or catching a tram to Quincunx; Notre Dame was mentioned here, so naturally, there should be a tourism office near it!

Rocher de la Vierge, Biarritz

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Rocher de la Vierge is a breathtaking rocky promontory in the coastal town of Biarritz, France. This picturesque landmark is one of southern France’s most beloved and visited sites. The Rocher de la Vierge is a unique natural landmark in Biarritz. It is a rocky outcrop that can be seen from the beach, the promenade, and the town. It is also the home of a white Virgin Mary statue dating back to the 16th century. This statue is a beloved symbol of Biarritz and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Rocher de la Vierge provides incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding area. Visitors can enjoy the dramatic views of the rocky outcrops, the beach, and the ocean. The views from the Rocher are breathtaking and a great way to spend a day in Biarritz. There are several different ways to get to the Rocher de la Vierge.

Visitors can take a boat ride to the site or take a short hike up the rocky outcrop. The Rocher is also accessible by car, but there is limited parking. The Rocher de la Vierge is a great place to visit if you want a unique Biarritz experience.

The views from the Rocher are unparalleled, and you can take a unique look at the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding area. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Biarritz, the Rocher de la Vierge is the perfect place.

Place de la Victoire

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Place de la Victoire is one of the best places to visit in Aquitaine. This bustling square in Bordeaux’s student quarter is a gateway to the rest of the city. Place de la Victoire features stunning monuments and spots, but there is more to offer. While its bigger counterpart Place Charles de Gaulle, anticipates tourists, Bordeaux’s cool plaza could be smoother.

Take a moment and unwind here, where you’ll see people coming and going from modern cafés and vibrant bars that take full advantage of its laid-back atmosphere. The square at the center of Bordeaux is one of the best-known monuments in the city’s history. To understand its relative importance, note that it is home to more important buildings than any other square in France.

It’s also surrounded by some of the city’s most famous buildings, including a hospital and an opera house. The most notable monument on this square is the stone archway Porte d’Aquitaine, built-in 1753. This was created for King Louis XV and added to after his death so he could enter Rue Sainte-Catherine without walking through an avenue like other streets.

Look closely at its relief images of sea gods on either side and then cross through it before entering Place de la Victoire (the square on whose east side you see a building belonging to the University of Bordeaux). If you get hungry, you’ll find some dining options close by, but don’t forget about checking out nearby cafes for live music nights!

Saint-Émilion Monolithic Church

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

This church, created by excavating around 15,000 cubic meters of rock, is situated on the limestone hillside. It was built in the Middle Ages to preserve and revere the relics of Saint-Émilion – an 8th-century Breton monk who had taken refuge here from Benedictine order threats.

Borrow a key to ascend the tower, or join a 45-minute guided tour for a closer look at the three underground naves and crypt decorated with impressive medieval carvings and frescoes.

Grosse Cloche

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine, France, France Travel Guide, Travel to Aquitaine, Visit Aquitaine

Grosse Cloche is one of the best places to visit in Aquitaine. The Grosse Cloche, a pivotal part of Bordeaux’s history and present, can be featured on the city’s arms. Dating back to medieval times, this two-towered belfry stands 40 meters high and is connected by a seating structure featuring a golden lion atop.

This vane, representing England’s dominion, is a result of the Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine’s marriage to King Henry II. The Grosse Cloche, meaning “big bell,” holds the 16,500 pounds (7,500 kilos) bell that You formerly used to declare the start of harvest or alert people of a fire.


Thank you for reading our list of the Best Places to Visit in Aquitaine! Bordeaux is the best place to start your trip. I hope you have enjoyed our selection and helped you decide where to visit next. As always, comment below or contact us with any questions!

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