Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah (Qatar)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah? If you’re a history lover or looking to explore the beauty of nature, take a look at some of the most visited tourist spots in Al-Wakrah, Qatar. Al Wakrah is a historical destination to go fishing and diving. It also has grown to become one of the largest cities in Qatar, allowing you to pick your adventures from its numerous options.

With its museums and parks, beaches, and boutiques, Al Wakrah is undoubtedly the best destination to have the most memorable experience in your lifetime! If you’re in Al Wakrah, here are the most popular tourist destinations that are well worth exploring.

Al Janoub Stadium

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Al Janoub Stadium is one of the best places to visit in Al Wakrah. Marvel at this massive stadium’s stunning beauty and function, located just to the south of downtown Doha. Innovative design enhances the sustainability of the traditional dhow’s shape.

With a beautiful shape influenced by the famous dhow boats that are a staple of The Middle East region, Al Janoub Stadium is a lovely addition to the athletic facilities of Qatar. The stadium’s opening in May 2019 to host the Amir Cup Final set the foundation for its function as a critical event center for international soccer and other sports competitions. Look at the sparkling white stadium from afar, or come for an exciting match.

See out to sea to determine the shape of a dhow. It is which is used for fishing as well as pearl diving. The hull’s broad hull is pointed either at one or both ends and is constructed of planks of wood clad with a rusty coating. Imagine the Dhows turned upside down when you turn to see the curving stadium’s roofline.

A transparent roof lets lots of sunlight into the arena while offering the most sustainable and efficient temperature control needed to keep fans and players more comfortable during games.
The stadium, designed in the style of architect Zaha Hadid, was built not just to cater to the thousands of fans who attend international events but to be used in the future.

If Doha’s Al Wakrah Sport Club professional soccer team takes part during national events, crowds will be less. The upper section of the arena will be taken away, leaving the stadium with enough space for 20,000. Donating the seats to reconstruction in a developing nation will aid in expanding the expansion of soccer in the world.

You can drive from Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah, about 30 minutes from Hamad International Airport or the Souq Waqif in Downtown Doha. Trains departing from the airport and into the city center will take approximately 45 minutes. Take advantage of the green areas for other sports, surrounded by the stadium.

When you’re in the Al Wakrah Al Wakrah area, walk along the picturesque waterfront corniche, go out for a meal, or shop in the streets of the Souq in the area.

Al Wakrah Souq

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

The atmosphere is more peaceful as Doha’s bustling Souq Waqif market. This one is a beautiful place to shop and eat. The south of the bustle in Downtown Doha is the more modest neighborhood, Al Wakrah, with the Al Wakrah Souq a central gathering point for residents and tourists.

While the classic look of sand and mud structures and winding alleys are reminiscent of an ancient Middle Eastern marketplace, the Souq was only built recently, in 2014. The Souq is worth a visit. Al Wakrah Souq for retail and dining options and an excursion along the beachfront.

With the capacity to accommodate hundreds of restaurants and shops, The Souq has an array of options. Choose among American, Arabian, Indian, Italian, and other cuisines for a mouthwatering meal. Buy coffee or tea to sit on a bench overlooking the ocean.

End with ice cream or other sweets. There are various retail options here, including household wares, perfumes, clothing, sporting goods and spices, food items, pet supplies, and much more. A walkway and beach extend for more than two miles (3 kilometers) just in front of the Souq, stretching to the south to the Persian Gulf coastline.

You will see the traditional dhows along or close to the shoreline. Take a walk to Port Al Wakrah to see hundreds of other dhows moored at their moorings or employed by local fishermen. Take a dip or relax on the beach sands in the Souq.

You can also drive some miles south toward Family Beach. You can travel inland to observe the dhow’s design on the rooftop of Al Janoub Stadium, built to house fans and players during significant soccer tournaments. The white, sparkling stadium looks like the inverted dhows hulls stacked side by side.

Travel towards Al Wakrah Souq from Downtown Doha or Hamad International Airport in less than 30 minutes. Or, arrive via public transport in less than one hour. The Souq is a celebration of holidays and seasonal festivals with events like shows, rides, and family-friendly games.

You can park for free in the vast parking lot located nearby. See the calendar to find out the upcoming events scheduled during your visit. Go to the Souq on weekends nights to experience its most vibrant.

Al Wakrah Beach

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

Al Wakrah well-renovated beach has a wide area of white sand dotted with trees of palms. It’s an ideal spot to unwind on weekends. Al Wakrah Beach is a long beach with white sand located close to the coastal city of Al Wakrah. It is a popular destination for vacations for Qataris. The beach was recently upgraded and had top-quality facilities.

Go to Al Wakrah Beach if you enjoy watching people and activities along the shoreline. Because this ocean region has exceptionally shallow water, there are better swimming places. Al Wakrah Beach is three distinct stretches of sand that have recently been upgraded and created through local government authorities. The most northern is a beach near the souk or market in town.

The beach is most south-facing and family-friendly, with three playgrounds shaded for children. The second is the enormous public beach, with sun umbrellas and gazebos that provide shade. The areas have been designed as recreational areas. The facilities include sun umbrellas, showers, gazebos and toilets, barbecue pits, and green regions.

The shallow waters make the beach suitable for children to play in, even though it’s too shallow to be feasible to swim. Instead, please bring them to the beach to play volleyball or soccer and explore the wildlife within those shallow pools.

The stretch of beach alongside the souk is a promenade lined with cafes and restaurants. Many of them have outdoor seating. You can choose from traditional Arab food, Indian or Italian food such as burgers, coffee, and Ice cream. Also, you can bring all the supplies to your barbecue at the beach.
Enjoy a leisurely morning or evening walking around the Al Wakrah marketplace, modeled after the traditional souk.

Wander through the winding lanes and browse through the diverse range of merchandise available for purchase, including jewelry and live chickens. Al Wakrah is a 20-minute drive to the south of Doha. The beach offers 600 parking spots, but make sure you arrive early because this is a frequent destination for local families and can be pretty crowded. Buses frequently travel towards Al Wakrah from the bus station in central Doha.

Abu Manaratain Mosque

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

Abu Manaratain Mosque is located in Al Wakra, one of the oldest cities in Qatar. It was built in 1940. This mosque is unique and different from the other mosques in the State of Qatar. It has a large tree situated over the mosque, making it stand out. Another reason that makes Abu Manaratain Mosque to be distinct is the name.

“Manaratain” literally means ‘two minarets’. However, the mosque has only one. It is also a sign that there might have been a different structure design in earlier times. It is also one of the most popular things to do during your visit to Al Wakrah. There are other signs which suggest a similar. Intriguing, right? If you’re looking for additional clues, visit this mosque as part of your trip to Al Wakrah.

Abu Manaratain Mosque features high walls, a small swimming pool, an oval shape, and many other features. Explore the past of this structure or join the prayer service. Whatever you decide to do, it will bring you peace. It is a bit mysterious about it. This mosque is the perfect choice if you’re searching for some eerie and creepy ride and awe-inspiring experience. The mosque is also among the top places to go to within Qatar.

The location: The mosque is located in Al-Wakrah, 13 km from the southwest of Doha, Qatar

The Al Wakrah Fort

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

The Al Wakrah Fort is one of the best places to visit in Al Wakrah.It is situated in front of adjacent to Al Wakrah Souq and the beautiful Masjid Hamza. The Al Wakrah Fort is located in front of the stunning Masjid Hamza Muttalib Mosque. The Al Wakrah Fort is one of the most popular tourist sights in Al Wakrah, Qatar, dating to the 20th century.

In addition, it is believed that the Al Wakrah Fort was used previously as barracks and police headquarters and was built on the site of a fort that was already in place. While the defense isn’t accessible to the general public, there is the possibility of walking through the area to see an image of its smaller towers and whitewashed appearance.

Shop Till You Drop At Ezdan Mall

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

If shopping is in your thoughts and you are looking for a mall, this is for you. Ezdan Mall is one of the best shopping centers in Qatar. With an array of options and a beautiful structure, Ezdan Mall requires to be visited. Pick from accessories, jewelry, footwear, and footwear that famous local and international designers make in Qatar.

The mall often has promotions, which results in massive savings. Ezdan mall does not only provide shopping; however, there’s more to this mall. The entertainment and dining section is stunning. Ezdan Mall hosts eateries that are as varied as the stores. With more than 160 shops, the mall spans over 75,684 square meters.

Shopping at the mall is one of the most enjoyable activities within Al Wakrah. Ezdan Mall stands as a definitive work of art when it comes to architecture and beauty. The principal goal of the shopping mall is to meet the demands of its patrons and meet their wants and requirements.

Ezdan Mall has actively created an exceptional tradition of customer service within the retail sector in Qatar since its inception. The mall aims to create the highest level of customer satisfaction and is striving to achieve the same.

The mall is constantly introducing new products to the shops that sell retail, so you don’t have to be concerned about the latest trends. Every aspect of the mall exudes incredibleness. Make sure to visit the mall and experience one of Qatar’s most memorable shopping experiences.

Location: Al Wukair St, Al Wakrah, Qatar

Opening Hours:

Saturday to Thursday – From 7: 30 AM to 12 am

Friday – 7: 30 AM until 11:15 am, and between 12.30 midnight to 12 am

Fishing At Port Al-Wakrah

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

Do you enjoy relaxing by the pool and admiring the stunning views? If so, Al Wakrah is the perfect choice for you. Are you looking to go fishing? You’re at the right spot. Port Al Wakrah offers the most enjoyable fishing experience. It is an old-fashioned pastime that is extremely popular with locals and has gained popularity with tourists. Many locals are fishing from the port.

Al Wakrah has a rich story as a fisherman’s community. The most appealing aspect? It is impossible to be unlucky in this area, which means that even if you don’t observe fishermen or fishing boats docked in this port, you have the chance to see the stunning views of the ocean. However, the sunset here is the most astonishing thing you can see. It is possible to enjoy fishing by looking at the fishing boats that dock in the Marina and those that patrol the waters.

Port Al Wakrah might be more well-known than other destinations in Doha. Port Al Wakrah might not be as famous as other places in Door, says Qatar. It isn’t; however, it definitely must be called. Port Al Wakrah is easily accessible by car, taxi, or cab. Take a left on Al Wakrah Main Street and go toward the water. Once you are in the Marina, you will see a lot of anglers with fishing hooks out in the waters waiting for their next fish.

The Radiant Greens At Al Wakrah Public Garden

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

The Radiant Greens At Al Wakrah Public Garden is one of the best places to visit in Al Wakrah. Al Wakrah Public Garden is full of well-groomed plants that provide a tranquil and tranquil place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The walkway is decorated with stunning flowers, as well as a variety of trees that surround the park. The views of the park are spectacular. Once you walk into it, it’s bound to be your favorite spot. With more than 70 species of plants, you can do plenty of things at Al Wakrah Public Garden.

The olive tree, the berries, and a wide variety of cacti are only a few species that can be found at this location. You can enjoy scavenger hunting, stroll through the beautiful gardens, or walk along the beach. Take in the beauty of this mysterious park that is also among the most stunning places within Qatar. Al Wakrah park is a mere distance from the beach.

The proximity to the ocean lets visitors decide at their own pace. Dog lovers, beware The park is dog-friendly, and you will see people walking around the gardens with their pets. Explore this captivating sport and experience the beauty of this park.

Location: Al Wakrah, Qatar

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday – From 9: 00 AM to 11: 00 PM

Friday – From 10: 00 AM to 11:00 PM

Saturday – From 3: 00 PM to 12: 00 AM

Wakrah kids park

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

The outstanding children’s park in the middle of city life is one the most stunning gardens in Qatar because it is home to vast green areas, massive illuminated statues, bodies with games for children, numerous playgrounds for kids, and many other things.

Within the park is a café that serves the best hot and cold drinks and a variety of snacks. It is easy to access via public transportation. This park is considered to be a child-safe zone.

Dog Beach

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Qatar Best Places, Qatar Travel Guide, Travel to Al Wakrah, Visit Al Wakrah

Dog Beach is one of the best places to visit in Al Wakrah.Another beach famous for having an enjoyable time in Al Wakrah, Qatar, is Dog Beach. It’s a popular and ideal place to enjoy time with your family.

The water is very welcoming and shallow, and guests are also allowed to wear whatever swimming attire they are comfortable in! Additionally, it is essential to be aware of tides as they can change rapidly. But Dog beach is a public beach that is free and accessible to all.


All destinations are awesome! According to my opinion, Al Janoub Stadium is the best to start. I hope you have enjoyed our list of the Best Places to Visit in Al Wakrah.

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