Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen (United Kingdom)

Are you searching for the Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen? Are you thinking of a trip to Europe and wondering what to explore in Aberdeen? We’ve got you covered. Aberdeen is one of the cities located in Scotland. It is located on the North East coast of the British Isles.

The most enjoyable activities you can visit Aberdeen are exploring Scottish History and Maritime History, admiring granite architecture, relaxing on beaches, and walking through the natural beauty of Scotland. Scottish coast. Aberdeen is a stunning city on the coast with a historic harbor.

The majority of the best places to go in Aberdeen focus on the shipbuilding industry, maritime trade, and the naval heritage that the city has. Aberdeen has a lot of success in its harbor and port. The area was granted an official charter in the name of William the Lion in 1179. However, the human history on the site dates back to 8,000 years.

There are several Aberdeen tourist sights, including the city’s museums, where you can discover the beginnings and the development of Aberdeen. In 1319 the town was granted its Great Charter by Robert the Bruce. Aberdeen witnessed rapid growth during the 18th and 20th centuries. Most of the historically significant things in Aberdeen are from this period.

The city is known as Granite City owing to the grey granite used to construct several historical structures. Aberdeen is close to a massive granite quarry, and the stone was readily accessible to the town. A lot of people visit Aberdeen by taking “Granite City. “Granite City” tour for Aberdeen sightseeing.

The time is a bicycle or on a walk of over 30 monuments, buildings, and statues. The tour will show you many of the stunning sights to visit in Aberdeen, such as St. Machar’s Cathedral, Provost Skene’s House, His Majesty’s Theatre, Old Town House, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Church of St. Nicholas Uniting as well as King’s College Chapel.

In addition to its history, Aberdeen also offers an array of modern entertainment options for indoor activities to enjoy at Aberdeen. Amusement parks are available, parks for public use and theatres, recreational centers, and much more. There are also fantastic golf courses and large public parks to enjoy recreation.

Outside of the city, you can explore coastal landmarks such as cliffs, hills, forests, and lakes for outdoor activities in Aberdeen, like camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, and much more. The beaches close to Aberdeen are also popular tourist destinations. Apart from sunbathing and recreation, these coastal locations also provide a range of water sporting facilities.

Provost Skene’s House

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Provost Skene’s House is one of the best places to visit in Aberdeen. Provost Skene’s House is situated near The Aberdeen Maritime Museum as well. It is home to furnished rooms, which shows how the people from Aberdeen lived in the 17thand, 18th, and 19th centuries.

The oldest portion of the building was built in 1545! The Tudor house was the home of Lord Provost George Skene in the 17th century. This is the reason the name was adopted.

The historic house is home to many exciting features, including carved plaster ceilings, wooden paneling, and painted ceilings. The museum also houses collections of artwork and costumes. The museum in the house is free to enter.

Note: Provost Skene’s House is currently closed due to the construction works at Marischal Square, so please go to the museum’s website for the most recent opening information.

Take a Day Trip to Craigievar Castle

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

This beautiful castle in pink with its tiny towers is just one hour’s driving distance from the city of Aberdeen and is a perfect and straightforward day excursion. It first appeared in documents dating back to 1457, when it was the property of the Mortimer family.

Along with its hue, it’s unique and supposedly inspired the castle theme that Walt Disney adopted. With crow-stepped gables, windows with oriels, conical roofs with ornamental stone cannons, and a decorative zigzag console, this seven-story towering residence serves as a symbol of authority and prosperity, in addition to practicality.

Building materials were scarce in the Highlands in the 18th century, so architects tapped every square inch under the roof of a small one. The plasterwork of The Great Hall, the vast Stuart coat-of-arms above the fireplace, and designs on wall paneling were designed in Renaissance style.

A hidden flight of stairs leading to a small room above an opening within the Great Hall forms part of an intricate system of stairs inside the tower. The most notable collections are weapons and armor, artifacts, as well as artifacts. Tours with guides are available.

Official site:

See the Queen’s Balmoral Castle

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

Queen Elizabeth II’s summer home in Scotland has become a symbol of the Neo-baronial look of the Victorian period. The estate first appeared in documents in 1484. Then, after the reigning Queen Victoria purchased the estate around 1852, the Queen appointed the Aberdeen designer William Smith to implement plans designed for her by husband Prince Albert.

Although it’s 1.5 hours to the west of Aberdeen, It’s worth a visit on the very few occasions it’s accessible for the general public (and only during times when the Queen isn’t there). If you decide to visit it, you’ll be able to view the Ballroom that houses its paintings and other art objects, as well as an impressive selection of coaches.

The vast parkland is perfect for a stroll. The estate is also accessible on a thrilling “Safari Tour” that offers the chance to view wildlife from the area and the stunning scenery close-up.

The town close by, Braemar, is beautiful to explore and is known for the Braemar Gathering, an annual sporting event. Braemar Gathering. Braemar Gathering. Also known in the media as The Highland Games, this Scottish version of the Olympics has been taking place since 1832. If you cannot make it to the games, make sure you go to the Braemar Highland Heritage Centre, which contains exhibits that explore the historical background of the games and traditional Scottish sports.

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Tolbooth Museum

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

The Tolbooth Museum is a museum that is located inside one of Aberdeen oldest and most fascinating structures, which was formerly a seventeenth-century gaol (jail). The museum is focused on the local history of Aberdeen, particularly concerning the criminal justice system and its punishment throughout the decades.

In addition to being an inmate’s jail, the structure was used for different purposes, such as town hall, courthouse, and council chamber. Contrary to its name, this structure wasn’t the same as a tolbooth; however, it was a warehouse near the former tolbooth.

The museum is an engaging setting to discover more about the town’s history, the medieval punishment system, and the town’s laws. The museum has thrilling tales of witches. Mass targeted kidnapping and the selling of children, prisoners who escaped, and Jacobite prisoners who were interrogated and detained in the aftermath of during the Battle of Culloden. Some believe the building is haunted!

The structure still has original features and equipment, such as prison cells, torture devices, and a guillotine blade from the 17th century. The original Mercat cross of the town is also seen near the entryway. The museum is free for visitors the museum.

Be aware that the wax figures and stories of punishment and torture could be frightening to children. Additionally, the museum has an incredibly narrow and windy staircase that could be challenging for people with mobility issues. However, a video display is available at the front of the museum (ask at the front desk).

Visit Historic St. Machar’s Cathedral

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

Visit Historic St. Machar’s Cathedral is one of the best places to visit in Aberdeen. The Cathedral Church of St. Machar is commonly called simply St. Machar’s Cathedral. It is believed to lie on the site of a tiny Celtic chapel built in the name of St. Machar during AD 581.

The cathedral that followed was established in 1136. However, the first work completed in the current structure dated back to the 14th century and was completed in 1552. Fascinating to tourists are the towers that stand out on the West front and their sandstone spires that date between 1518 and 1530, as well as the 16th-century ceiling of wood that has coats of arms.

Make sure to look out for the stained glass windows, which date from the 1870s. Suppose you can plan your visit around one of the regular concert series, whether classical or choral, that are held in the cathedral (details can be found on the cathedral’s website). A store is on-site.

Peacock Visual Arts

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

Peacock Visual Arts is a contemporary art center with a gallery, studio printing shop, and digital studio on Castle Street. The center showcases a wide range of forms of art in a variety of formats and also provides a space for local artists to collaborate and study.

They also offer interactive art classes (e.g., printing with an etching machine, 3D printer techniques) and art exhibitions where you can purchase local and international artwork.

Although it’s not a top tourist attraction, it could be attractive to people who love modern art and like exploring art galleries in the community. We loved watching the 3D printer at work as well as the work at the printing center. Volunteers operate the center.

If you’re considering visiting it, it is an excellent idea to get in touch with the center ahead of time as opening the hours of operation can change. It’s free to go, but there is a charge to attend most workshops.

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

The building was completed in 1884. Aberdeen Art Gallery houses a vast collection of 17th to 20th-century art. Scottish artists whose work is displayed at the gallery are Charles Rennie Mackintosh, William Dyce, Thomas Faed, John Philip, and other artists from Glasgow School. Glasgow School. The work by George Jameson, Scotland’s first portrait painter (1589-1644) are, also.

The most well-known works of this impressive collection are portraits of Raeburn and paintings of William Turner, David Hockney, and Impressionist artists such as Monet, Sisley, Bonnard, Pissarro, and Renoir. The sculptures by Barbara Hepworth and Jacob Epstein are on display in the bright entry hall.

The museum also exhibits an impressive British sterling silver, glass, and ceramics collection. An excellent cafe is also within the museum. Admission to this perfect art gallery is completely free.

Official site:

The Kirk of St. Nicholas Uniting

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

The Kirk of St. Nicholas Uniting is one of the best places to visit in Aberdeen. The Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting is dated back to the 12th century and was most likely to be one of the largest and most significant parishes in the medieval period of Scotland. The church is today a member of the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church and is often referred to as “The Mither Kirk” (mother church) of the city.

Most of the current structure dates back to the 19th and 18th when fires and decay destroyed most ancient medieval buildings. A few pieces of the church from the medieval period still exist, and archaeological excavations have revealed constructions, wood, decorations, tombs, etc., dating back to the 12th through 17th centuries. The holes here are ongoing, and the church has details on this work and discoveries.

The church is open to the public for free, but donations are welcomed. The church is usually available to visitors during the summer, and tours can be scheduled at other times of the year by calling the church.

Union Terrace Gardens

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

Union Terrace Gardens Union Terrace Gardens are a vast sunken garden located on the west side of the city’s center, close to His Majesty’s Theatre. The park was established in Victorian times and included an old viaduct on one side.

The park is home to many plants, trees, and grassy areas. There are also public toilets and spots to relax. There are also a variety of statues on the grounds, including one of Robert Burns along Union Terrace and statues of Prince Albert and William Wallace located across from His Majesty’s Theatre.

It’s a nice area to walk about or enjoy an afternoon break during good weather. Festivals and other city-related events can be held at this location. Gardens are going through an extensive renovation that will change the look of the parks in the coming years.

Duthie Park and David Welch Winter Gardens

Beautiful Destinations, Best Places to Visit in Aberdeen, Travel to Aberdeen, UK, UK Best Places, UK Travel Guide, Visit Aberdeen

Duthie Park and David Welch Winter Gardens is one of the best places to visit in Aberdeen. Beautiful all-year-round floral experiences The David Welch Winter Gardens at Duthie Park is one of the most beautiful indoor gardens around the globe, full of rare and exotic species of plants from all over the world.

It’s a massive attraction, one of Scotland’s most extensive indoor gardens and one of the biggest in the UK. It also includes an extensive collection of cactus and other succulent plants.

Various other plants are displayed within The temperate House, Tropical House, and Arid House. Also, make sure you go to the Victorian Corridor, Corridor of Perfumes, The Fern House, and The Japanese Garden.

In 1883, 44 acres of Duthie Park had open green spaces, trees, stunning flowers in the spring and summer, and a cascading pond with ornamental waterfalls. Things can be done in Duthie Park, including boating and enjoying music on the bandstand. It is also fun to visit the renowned Opera in the Park held in the Park every summer.


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